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Now Your Suffering Continues (NYSC)

Woohoo!!!!! *dancing etighi*

Today marks the end of my service year and contrary to what my topic choice suggests, the past eleven months of serving my country was totally fun- filled. Okay! There were times I really flipped like clearance days ( Gosh! That has to be the worst part of NYSC) but then again when your alert from the bank comes, you just forget the whole stress you went through.

So I’m trying to think about what else sucked during the scheme: For me, I guess it was just the disorganised attitude of corp members when we had to queue for things like money, attendance, and the likes. You need to see the way ladies push and insult each other all because of space. I thought all that would have ended @ the camp when we had to collect our bicycle allw. and very first allowee but hmmmm it even got worse in the local govt… I just always watch from a distance and it will take me the whole day or more before I get cleared. If you cannot beat them join them you say? Lai lai! I refused to join o….

*The first on the list would be my uniform. I totally loved wearing mine and I enjoyed all the attention that came with it. Don’t get why people would come for CD in casuals and then find a place to change. I wore mine well. *kanye shrug* plus everyone thought it looked good on me. (Hehe, why wouldn’t it, after all the xtra touches I did…if you know what I mean 😉).
*The next would be the beautiful people I met during the service year. I wasn’t a regular face during CDS but then I made sure every day I attended was spent well.
*And if I don’t mention my Alloweeeeee, then it wouldn’t be complete. Isn’t it just wonderful that you get free money. I mean if all it takes is wear that green cloth for years and be paid…then why not….(I don’t mean that o) but really I had people say they wish they got up to 19800 during their time….Ain’t I lucky!!!!! But wait o…if there’s a review on the allowance ever again, the next folks could be getting like 40k or more… Hmmmmm

In all fairness to those who didn’t enjoy their service year, truth is the only reason I’m this excited is probably because of my ppa and the lovely people I got to work with. So in more ways than one, my colleagues at work are to a large extent responsible for a bearable NYSC year.

That’s all I can put down for now….I’m grateful to God for a successful service year and i have been showing everyone that cares to see my certificate….

Welcome me to the labour market people or as I saw on twitter…..favour market 🙂

To my fellow Batch B Corp Member, May God’s speed and direction be ours.

*inserts kukere soundtrack*

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


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