Olympics 2012!!!!

I’m talking sports…I don’t know how and why but I am among the many Nigerians that stayed up to watch the grand opening ceremony of the olympics for close to three hours if not more.

Funny as it sounds, I’m glad I did. I’m even more glad NEPA…sorry PHCN didn’t hold power as they are known for. 🙂

The whole concept was totally amazing. Awesome stuff and it felt like reality even watching on TV. Got me thinking how Nigeria has got a long way to go. Errm maybe we can start to intercede, fast and pray so our kids can do half of what we all saw.

From twitter, I gathered that an estimate of about twenty-seven million pounds and more was spent to achieve such beauty and I must say it was worth it. The firework, props on stage, more beautiful fireworks, costumes, the Queens (make believe) spectacular appearance from a stimulated helicopter in company of James Bond star Daniel Craig. Rowan Atkinson also joined the orchestra as Mr Bean for a comedy skit( I laughed all through) Whew! More firework….if you didn’t watch…you definitely missed.

The parade was enlightening, you just get to find out how much more of the world there is to discover. Too many countries I’ve never heard of. The wait for Team Nigeria was almost frustrating but finally it was time for the N’s and we came out glamorous in White and Green attire. The ladies danced like they were in church and as expected, one of the nigerian guy used his sun glasses at night. I think we didn’t get enought camera time though. Imagine how long the camera focused on the team from USA. I could have made noodles and fried egg sef without rushing. 😉

In all, it was amazing creativity @ its peak and I wish team Nigeria all the best!!! ( Errm… don’t even know what games we qualified for, that is if we qualified for any sef)

So the gorgeous Michelle Obama was present, Mohammed Ali was among the flagbearers to carry the olympic flag into the stadium..too many other people and names I can’t remember…..And yea David Beckham and his hot self accompanied the flame in a speed boat. *fans self* hehe…I’m out

Hugs and KiSses!!!!



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