Random + its August

Too many times I have found myself humming durella’s club rock. It is one of the songs that stuck from the first day I heard it. Didn’t even need to grow on me. Love eet! Love eet!!

Its a new month (trust faithful happy new month broadcasters to remind you if you forget) and a lot of people go about listing what they have achieved and yet to achieve and it almost reminds me of the new year when people make resolutions and break them half into january. I believe if you come @ every new chance you get too hard, you’ll end up messing it up again and wondering where you went wrong.

So in this new month, just take things easy, put God first, never forget family and loved ones, ask questions where you don’t understand, never assume, be happy, call someone you have not spoken with in a while,find time to rest, get pampered, make someone happy….in all, do not go too hard on yourself. Take life easy while pursuing your goal.

I intend to do all these and I hope u do to…’s wishing us a fab. month….

Hugs & KiSses 🙂



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