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3 Years old child kills himself by mistake


I was just going to click start and then click shutdown when this story was shared through the office mail. I had goose bumps all over as I could not even imagine my reaction if I were to be the one affected.

Find story below:

With children, precaution is the watchword.

A tragic and horrific scene took place in Jubail, as a child killed himself by mistake while he was in his father’s car.
The father, who forgot to switch off the vehicle, headed for the grocery store for a few minutes and left the child inside.
When he returned, he was shocked to see his 3 years old son had his head stuck out the window; the child who had stuck his head out the window to look outside.

Accidentally, he had one of his knees pressed on the button and it raised the glass. He could not lower the window, which completely overpowered the neck to the fullest extent.

The father later rushed hysterically to lower the window, only to find the child dead and lifeless.

Too many times we have made similar mistakes out of ignorance. Who would have imagined. I’m still dazed……



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