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Candid Camera

Awww…this little girl looks so helpless and someone went on to take her picture in this situation.

Talking about being caught sleeping on camera…..
I cannot understand why I was so sleepy in church today. It’s not like I had a busy saturday or something. Sister had to be biting lips, pressing phone and drawing objects on paper so she doesn’t sleep and then get caught on camera.(I would have personally haunted that video guy in church). It would not have been funny oh! My shakara wee just end like that. 🙂

In other news, I saw this really cute bible in pink colour with my friend I want one too.


I Could not help but take pictures. If I have this, I would want to read my bible everyday. And errrm…I did not have the time to rotate the pictures so kindly turn your phone or monitor….not your neck please cos I will not be held responsible for any broken neck…. 😉


Love, Peace and Cupcakes



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