Long September

I have not been here in a while and it is almost intentional. You know how everyday you wake up expectant and by the time you turn off your light for a good night, that one thing you are really hoping and praying for is still pending.

It is really depressing because it is times like this that gets me really sad and I just want to stay in bed. I stay grateful to God for true friends and family who go out of their way to make sure you are happy.
So whenever I get the “your name is faith, have a little faith” line, I smile, dust my shoulder and say God kept me alive for a reason. The thing is, I totally dislike lines such as “it is well, even inside the well” and the likes. I mean how can you be in a really depressing situation and someone tells you that………..

Still though, I’m in one of such moods now and I really would listen to any form of inspiration. Good thing work is not like hell or one of those scary places people don’t look forward to. I am glad I have people that can cheer me up  plus mum’s random calls just to check on me is simply amazing.

Have I mentioned i have the most awesome and amazing mum in the world? I just did!!
The month ends in 6 days and even though its been a looooooooooooooooooooooong september, and that one thing I really wish for is not here yet, I will count my blessings, thank God for life and surround myself with beautiful people that will keep me happy.

Do you have that one thing bothering you as well, come here *group hug* . Lets hold hands and say ‘All Izz Well’… in 3 idiots (relax, it is an Indian movie)….

Have a fab day sweeties.

Hugs and kisses.



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