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I woke up this morning and with my eyes still half shut, I managed to find my phone by my bed ( its so typical of me to look for my phone once I wake up from sleep).

*sigh* Five blackberry messages and I was excited until I saw three of them were independence day broadcasts (why people do this is beyond me). I even got a broadcast message from a contact telling people not to send independence day broadcasts to her… how ironic right… *moving on*

*rubs eye* With the green and white dp’s,updates,bc’s and tweets about today, I am now very aware our Dear Country is celebrating 52years of independence.

As much as I am trying hard not to write about the no light, no water, no good road story situation, it would be abnormal to act like that is not our reality at the moment. I refuse to write in details the poor state of our economy, inadequate security, lack of employment…*sigh* endless list I must admit.

The first to get blamed is usually the ‘government’ then it gets narrowed down to the president and whichever minister comes to mind. Funny how nobody blames himself or herself and that is the beginning of our problem.

The question should be ‘what have I done to bring change in my house, school, workplace etc?
Do i pay my tax for good road network and street light?
Do i sort utility bills required for good living?
Do I keep my environment clean?

There are too many things we can do individually before pointing fingers and complaining. I do not intend to be a voltron for our leaders (not like I get my share of the national cake anyway) but as we celebrate or not celebrate Nigeria today, I’ll rather we:
-Thank God for life and the less natural disaster we do not have to deal with (the bomb blasts and all are man-made and I pray it stops soon)
-Pray for peace and unity (I’m aware this has been on the prayer request list for decades but as my pastor will say, delay isn’t denial)
-Finally, work at being a better person.

Happy New Month to us all and New Year for Nigeria @ 52.

Hugs and kisses.


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