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On Beautiful Memories And Change

It’s Saturday morning (well, thats when i started writing this post, it will probably get published on sunday) and I woke up in my room…. the room i had before the ‘Mrs’ tag. I spent the night at my parents for the first time since I got married and it is still as beautiful as I remember especially mum praying by my bedside very early before the day is bright.

I stayed in bed all morning just thinking about beautiful memories and life changing decisions i made while in my private space. I also thought about how our priorities and responsibilities differ once there is a bit of change.

In a split second, i found myself innocently wishing I didn’t have to leave later in the day and wondered how many more people struggle with leaving beautiful memories behind. It is never easy to accept change especially when it involves leaving beautiful memories behind. 
Like leaving a job and colleagues you love to pursue a talent you love as well…

Like leaving your parents house and moving in with your partner whom you love just as much…

According to Heraclitus a Greek Philosopher, “change is the only constant in life” and i am certain that any kind of change affects our priorities almost immediately.

As much as we like to oppose change, probably because it is sometimes scary or difficult to accept, change can also be exciting, beneficial and a means to our much needed emancipation. In fact anyone would recommend positive change.

I guess the question is, how do you embrace leaving beautiful memories behind to create new beautiful memories?

Beautiful Memories and change

As we get older, we should expect change and also look forward to new priorities and responsibilities that must be met. I have not found a manual with laid down rules but I had a few thoughts on letting past lovely memories go, embracing change and creating new beautiful memories. Here are my thoughts: 

  1. It is important to embrace the concept of change. 

Change cannot be avoided. If we understand this, we get less nervous towards change and the transition process becomes quite easy. However, when we fail to consciously accept that change is inevitable, there will be some resistance and the transition process gets stressful with adverse effects. Remember, we are built to detest any process that gives us stress. 

     2. Relating change with aging.

Age is just a number. 

Isn’t this our favourite answer when we are asked those love related questions? You know those kinds of questions right? Well, age is really just a number but it does not stop us from aging whether male or female. Aging is probably the most practical example to explain change as it helps us understand how our priorities differ at every stage in our life. Change is necessary and there are things that must happen as we get older. For example:

While you agree that age is just a number, it doesn’t mean you won’t get older physically. Your body actually changes.

You have the best job at the moment, but you cannot be there forever. You have to change jobs at some point.

You love your room as a single girl or guy but you definitely won’t be using that room all your life. Change is simply inevitable.

Basically, there will always be new responsibilities and we must embrace it. No matter how much we love our present situation, we should always look forward to making the next positive change when the time is due. There is usually a chance that the most beautiful experiences happen as a result of the changes we make. Think about change as a means to create beautiful memories, live in the moment and make your experiences count.

     3. Change as a confirmation of growth.

We have established that change is constant, we have also accepted that as we get older our priorities/responsibilities change and we must take up new challenges that come with aging. It is a lot easier to move on from our comfort zone when we also think about the benefits we get from making positive changes. You learn new things and have a wider perspective on issues, change means you are improving and not stagnant, change tests your ability to adapt to a new environment, you get the chance to evaluate your choices and values, you have more responsibility and become accountable for your actions and you are open to new opportunities.

As much as we hate to leave beautiful memories behind, it is important to embrace positive change and create even more beautiful memories. The best stories are told from personal experience and there is no better way to gain experience than being open to positive change.

I loved my room as a ‘Miss’ and even though I miss all the perks of being with my parents, I totally love the idea of creating more beautiful memories in my new space as a ‘Mrs’.

Have you ever found it difficult to leave your comfort zone? Do share in the comment.

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