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#IWD2017: What makes women remarkable?

I am of the opinion that women should be celebrated everyday, but having a particular day to acknowledge women is definitely not a bad idea….

The 8th of March is recognised globally as International Women’s Day to commemorate the struggle of women’s rights.

International Women's Day
Women – Splash of colours

I’ll like to add that it is a day to also celebrate the achievements of every woman no matter how little. As long as you push to exceed current limits everyday, every area should be celebrated (Political, Educational, Family, Socially, Career, Business etc). 

So on this day let’s think deeply, what makes women remarkable?

I answered mine on a facebook group I joined recently and here’s what I said- 

Regardless of our backgrounds, I believe all women have the ability to be resourceful, adaptable and resilient.

If there’s one thing I’ll love to see more, it’s ‘more women being open to support more women’. The world will be such a beautiful place if we have more women looking out for eachother.

In the most little way, let’s make a conscious effort to acknowledge eachother’s effort, support small ideas/ businesses and basically just lead a happy life so others can learn. 

Trying so hard not to mention the men but scratch that….we need them too so Dear men, lead a happy life as well and acknowledge the achievements of the women you know. There is really no competition. 

 Do tell, what is your take?

What makes women remarkable?

Hint: Personalise this question, think about yourself, your mum, wife, sister, friend, girlfriend and write her outstanding qualities. (Take it further, send those qualities in a text and watch as her day brightens)

Do share in the comment section…everyone can comment😉😉

Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!!!!

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