Phayview #1: Links you will love.

Hi hi,

It was International Women’s Day on the 8th of March and as expected most people/organisations tilted towards women as a theme for events and blog topic.

Phaytea’s Pulse published #IWD2017: What makes women remarkable? which was inspired by suzie81speaks who published 46 reasons why women are amazing after getting opinions from 46 lovely women. Please click to read the articles.

I came across a video on twitter that resonates with women. You should watch it too. It is titled Tea and Consent.

The video has been around for a while and there are actually lots of articles debating on the illustration. It has been used for several campaigns too. What do you think about the video, does the use of metaphor in the video pass a clear message? (Video illustration by Rachel Brain and written by Emmeline May).

Finally, since its women’s week (rolls eye) permit me to bring out my girl power play list. I’ll choose Katy Perry’s – Roar. 

I think it speaks clearly about women being able to go through tough times and still turn out as champions. I like it too because i can dance to it. 

If you like to tune it down a bit, here’s Alicia Keys – Superwoman 

Generous much???😉😉

Have a lovely week ahead.

Love, Peace and Cupcakes




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