Pulse for May 2017

Hi Lovelies,

It’s a new month already?

Is it me or is this year going by really fast?

The first of May is Workers day in Nigeria so that means a day off work. I totally love public holidays and I got to spend my day at the movies watching Smurfs. (yea yea..i had my little bride come to the house for a sleep over so we had to pick a ‘kid friendly’ movie).

I am also really excited about May because it’s my birth month too. Not yet sure about what plans I’ll have. My birthday falls on a Monday and to really have a good time I should not be at work.

I’ll probably just consider taking a week off work so I can plan birthday activities.

Enough about Phaytea….let’s talk about Phaytea’s Pulse.

April was an interesting month for the blog as we participated in the #AtoZChallenge 2017 and actually completed it. 

There was a new post on the blog everyday in April except sundays and it was such an experience. New post about the challenge will be up soon.


For the month of May, I have a few goals to meet as regards Phaytea’s Pulse and I’ll like to put them here:

  • Pictures

I have always stuck to using infographic images for the blog and it looks good to me. Regardless, I think it’s time to go a step further by using more interesting pictures. I have a couple of websites that offers stock photos and will be exploring that area.

I have also read a couple of articles with tips about flat lay pictures. That’s also an area I intend to explore.

  • Blog Logo

There is a logo on the blog currently. I made one with the intention to use it temporarily. I chose it because it has a heart beat symbol and it depicts the blog tag line which is ‘ everything my heart beats for’. For now it serves as the blog logo but this month, I intend to tweak it a bit.

  • Blog Readers/Reading Blogs.

Since January, I have put in time to read and comment on blogs. I enjoy following different blogs as I believe no information is a waste. Because of the challenge in April, I did not read as much blogs as I would have loved to. In May, I intend to reconnect with a lot of blogs, reply comments on and drop meaningful comments on other blogs as well.

  • Social Media

So far, Facebook has been very helpful with regards to blog view and interaction. Phaytea’s Pulse has an account on Twitter, instagram, bloglovin, Flipboard, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. I intend to continue utilizing these platforms to publicise published posts.

Please click ‘Meet Phaytea‘ for direct links to our social media pages.

It’s back to regular programming on Phaytea’s Pulse so the scheduled #WordSearchSeries and #Phayview will be up every Wednesday and Sunday respectively.

I got my favourite spot…close to the stairs☺

What are your goals/ blog goals for May?

Do you have a favourite stock photo website? Please share.

What methods do you use to improve interaction on your blog?

I’ll love to read from you.

Love, Peace and Cupcakes




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