Comment Travails: 3 cringe worthy moments.

Hi Lovelies,

Having a good day?

I spent the better part of my lunch time trying to meet up my goals for the blog like I mentioned in Pulse for May 2017.

That means I actually visited, followed and commented on some blogs today without threads and referrals.

It felt nice, i was not under any obligation, I read some really lovely content and got ideas too.

The problem started when I had to drop a comment. 



Imagine this scenario…

You know when you really enjoyed reading a post, you go ahead to type some really nice feedback, type in the required name and email address (if you are a frequent visitor to the blog, the details would have been filled) then unexpectedly meet a hitch once you hit ‘post comment’.


That feeling is so discouraging and I actually cringe…

Do you feel the same way sometimes?

I had some cringe worthy moments while dropping comments today (and every other time i have had to comment on a blog) and I’ll like to share.

Hopefully, we can learn a thing or two and make our blogs more accommodating for visitors.

  • Security Checks.

I get that this is important to protect our blog from all sorts of harm. 

Regardless, can we try security checks that are less stressful and more fun to participate in. I especially like the check that makes you answer easy maths questions (well, as long as it remains easy, I like it). 

Those kind of checks are fun because I do not feel like I am being suspected of an impending crime.

Dear blog owner (including me), we have typed a nice feedback.. just allow us drop it in your comment section and move on.

Road signs are definitely not a requirement for knowing using the mouse or keyboard. ?? *wink*

  • Subscription Box Pop-up

    These are fine…I like them coming up at least once…maybe when i am halfway into an article. 

    I cringe at the ones that won’t stop. 

    Some pop-ups are reoccurring and they just cover the ‘whole’ screen like Lady Altagracia’s guards in Iron Rose. Those guards protect her like their life depends on it… 

    (Iron Rose is a new Mexican telenovela I just started watching..loving it too).
    Why is the subscription box always in my way, don’t you want me to read the article? 

    I believe anyone would subscribe to a blog at their will.

    The problem is, I have only just visited the site. I am yet to start reading, i haven’t reached the comment section and suddenly this large pop-up appears from nowhere.

    Please, how is this not cringe worthy?

    This might not be the fault of the blogger but yea I feel uncomfortable when this happens to me while visiting a website.

    I’ll prefer less interruptions when reading a post you have published with love ??

    • Nice Post!!

    Really though??????

    How do you honestly read a post, make it to the comment section uninterrupted and write ‘Nice Post’.

    I prefer ‘Nice or lovely Pictures’ because well, since there is no ‘like’ button, two words can suffice.

    No one should feel ‘entitled’ to receive comments but I am sure we all love to receive genuine feedback from our readers.

    The other day, I saw a blogger say he likes to go all out when dropping a comment but he sometimes get worried that the author of the post might feel that’s a lot of feedback.

    Is it really possible that a blogger would complain about a lengthy comment on his or her blog?

    Anyway, here’s a trick to help drop a meaningful comment on blogs.

    If an article is too lengthy (like this one) and you honestly cannot read ‘everything’, simply read a paragraph or more then argue for or against it.

    That spurs better interaction between the blog owner and the blog visitor. 

    ‘Nice post’ will get you a smiley or no response at all.

    • Extra

    I remember I wrote ‘nice’ (just a word) on a blog sometime ago because the Facebook/comment plug-in on that blog kept refreshing itself.  Halfway into my comment, it clears everything and takes me back to square one. I felt bad because she’ll probably see ‘nice’ and think I wasn’t interested in the article.

    I cringed!! She probably did too after seeing ‘nice’.

    So guys, ensure your plug-in isn’t making things difficult for your blog visitors.

    I really hope I do not make my readers go through the same painful effort just to drop a comment on a post.

    Let’s make our blogs hitch free for our visitors. Shall we??

    That’s all lovelies…

    Those are my cringe worthy moments when I go on a commenting spree??

    Knowing i am not alone will encourage me to keep dropping comments on the blogs I read…cringe worthy moments or smooth sailing….always give useful feedback.

    Let me know your thoughts…

    What cringe worthy moments do you experience when you visit a blog?

    Is there something on my blog you’ll like to see differently?

    I’ll love to read from you. 

    Love, Peace and Cupcakes




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