Phayview#4: Mind Voices And Body Goals

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It is another lovely (rainy) sunday morning, that means I get to share amazing reads, links and videos i am currently loving.

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Mind voices

What does your inner speech say to you?

Which thoughts do you feed?

With the number of voices in our head giving us both negative and positive ideas, it has become somewhat difficult to control our thought process and focus solely on the positives. 

Did I say somewhat? It is actually very difficult and we need a constant ‘positive vibes only’ reminder.

That is why i found this post -》 Two wolves fighting for Supremacy very insightful and thought to share with you.

Basically, this article explains that whatever thoughts we feed gains supremacy in our life.

The blog is called rise and and it is run by an amazing bundle of experience called Shirley Corder.

The beneficial part is, she uses this platform to encourage cancer survivors (she is one herself) or anyone facing difficult challenges. 

Do stop by her blog for some inspiration, uplifting content and counselling. 

You can thank me later😉😉

Good vibes

I read my next share only yesterday and it is so timely. A lot of us have body weight goals. While some people handle it well, some others do not. There are also so many popular opinions that put pressure on weight watchers.

The sad part is, social media isn’t helping at all. Go size 8 or Go home?

Love your body by Hayley Beasley Dye is an article I enjoyed reading and if you are pursuing body goals, do read this post and so you can do it right. 

Finally, still talking about loving your body, I am totally loving Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you….like I just keep humming the song before i even realise i am…and when it comes up on TV, trust me to burst a move.

Not sure why, but it motivates me to keep at yoga. 

Body goals in view😉😉

Enjoy the video with me..will you?

Share your thoughts Lovelies…

How do you deal with mind voices?

How do you avoid the pressure of being a certain dress size?


What song(s) are you loving at the moment?

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Remember to feed only the positive thoughts this week.

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