28 Signs You Are Doing Something Right.

Go! Go Phaytea!

It’s your birthday!

We gon’ party like…

Birthday girl

Haha..there’s no way I’m partying on a Monday though…but I did get the day off work so I’ll just sort some personal stuff I’ve stalled for so long and of course do fun stuff. It’s so unusual to be off work on Monday.

I’m so excited I want to scream but I’m worried I might get people wondering if I am okay.

I am very happy, content, grateful for life, thankful to God, super excited, super emotional, I’ve cried from the messages and voice notes I have received already and it isn’t 0700hrs yet.

…oh and I get to have cake today and not feel guilty.

For today, I’m thinking up 28 things I do that have helped me shape my youthful years…I don’t always make the best decisions but that’s what life is about.

Life is a beautiful experience, it isn’t always supposed to be easy but we should have moments where we are so happy it’s rubs off on others.
I’ll be sharing 28 things that confirm you are doing something right.

  1. You love yourself. Flaws and All.
  2. You care about other people.
  3. You make mistakes.
  4. You can laugh at your mistakes.
  5. You adore your family.
  6. You know how to figure out fair weather friends.
  7. You know that failing is part of life so you learn lessons whenever you fail.
  8. You do not take any relationship for granted.
  9. You are content with what you have.
  10. You know you cannot always have your shit together all the time.
  11. You know it’s fine to not feel like doing anything sometimes.
  12. You understand that you cannot please people all the time.
  13. You know people have different opinions from you and you respect that.
  14. You understand that forgiveness is important for your peace of mind.
  15. You have the mind of a fighter and you are not afraid to take on challenges.
  16. You know that life is not always fair but you do not go about sulking.
  17. You know that it is okay to feel like spending time alone. You are not a loner, it’s just called ‘me time’.
  18. You have the drive to improve in different areas of your life.
  19. You are not afraid to speak your mind but you are mindful.
  20. You understand that sometimes it is fine to argue because you learn from criticism. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
  21. You realise that the world is evolving and your ideas can change too. It is fine to ‘not want’ the things you wanted previously.
  22. You know that your decisions in life should not be formed by what people think about you. You should do things you are comfortable doing.
  23. You understand that your happiness should not depend on anyone. You should be responsible for how you feel and giving that right to anyone else is not healthy.
  24. You make healthy choices for yourself.
  25. You are in tune with your spirituality. 
  26. You know that you should declutter once in a while and you let go of things or people that contradicts your purpose.
  27. You understand that staying positive is key.
  28. Your know you should create new memories and you rock at it.

One more for the road:

  • You do not compare yourself with anyone.

So here are 28 things I came up with to indicate you are doing something right in life.

We might not make the best decisions all the time but it counts if in all your life on earth you do things that make you or someone else happy.

Share your thoughts….

What’s that one thing you do that gives you peace of mind or leave you satisfied?

What are the right decisions you have taken recently?

Can you guess how old i turn today?

I’ll love to read from you Lovelies.

Love, Peace and lots of Cupcakes


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