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Top Tips for Official Phone Conversations.

The title says top tips so you expect that whatever i have to say should be basic information and everyone who handles a phone for public relations or official reasons should be aware of it.

Allow me burst some bubbles but it isn’t totally applicable to everyone. I had an encounter and I am irked that someone who is assigned to handle a PR related issue can actually ignore very basic tips. 

Phone conversation

I am even more irked that the establishment didn’t think it necessary to perhaps train this individual or assign a more reliable candidate.

On Saturday morning, my phone rang while I was fixing breakfast. I answered the call and:

Caller: Hello Good morning, Am I speaking with Mr. Ola?

Me: Hi Good morning, you have called a wrong number. I am not a Mr. and Ola isn’t my name.

Ends call.

I went about my morning chores after the call. I figured there was no need to bother as people mix up numbers sometimes.

However, this is one mistake that should be avoided if the call is for official reasons.

First basic tip:


How embarrassing can this be? This caller clearly mixed up the numbers he had and even gave me a name and sex change entirely. 

Now this might seem like a pardonable mistake but what if it was a really important business conversation and you then start off by mentioning a competitors name.

This is really basic, but then again people still make errors. Cross check the phone number and name you have and try to avoid a mix up. It is a bad first impression.

About lunch time, this number starts to call me again. I decided to ignore because I was not ready to repeat the whole ‘ I am not the person you want’ conversation. My phone kept ringing… once, twice, thrice…and three more times. You can imagine how uncomfortable I had become.

This bring me to the second basic tip


As basic as this sounds, not everyone knows it is uncomfortable to call a number repeatedly. Especially if you have had a previous conversation and the intention is to follow up.

If your call is not answered, the best thing to do is send a text message and ask for the best time to call or just drop the remaining information you missed out in a text.

I had obviously become uncomfortable so I answered the call the 7th time it rang. Guess what? It was the representative of a Public relations team in the church i have been attending.

He introduced himself and apologised for mixing up my name earlier….then went on to make a third, fourth and fifth blunder.

Caller: we did not see you in church last week. Was there a problem?

Me: Problem? I was in church last week Sunday.

Caller: Oh! I am sorry madam. Incoherent words…come this Sunday…Incoherent words….Thank you madam..

Call ends.

I sighed.

Third basic tip


Apparently, this PR representative accused me of not being in church last week sunday when I actually attended. He was not sure about his claim, he only spoke based on his assumption.

This is not good for the image of any establishment. You must have clear facts about your client. Skip the details you are not sure of or just ask for confirmation.

Fourth basic tip.


This is so explanatory. You have an idea to pitch, you intend to sell your ideas to a person, why then are you incoherent. The reason is lack of preparation.

So, Dear caller was only trying to persuade me to keep attending church (which i found unnecessary because I already know the importance) but if I was to make a decision based on my conversation with him, then he failed woefully.

Preparation and planning is important if you intend to pitch an idea. If you have done a job for several years, you still have to prepare for each client you intend to cater to. Being overly confident can be disappointing.

The fifth tip is obviously a no brainer…but well, not everyone knows that. 


Nobody will take you seriously if you mix up your tenses during an official phone conversation. You will leave your client wondering if he or she made a good choice. We are human so errors are permissible but it should not be consistent.

The need to write this post came up after my phone conversation with the Public Relations Representative on Saturday. It got me wondering and my thoughts make up this post.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

Have you had any ‘not so good’ encounter with a customer service or public relations Representative?

I will love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


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  • Jasmin N

    OH, I hate making official phone calls. I always answer like “Hello” instead of my name and ah, I just suck at these things. Thanks for the guide!

  • denisemcd75

    I phone quite a few clients due to the work I do and if they don’t answer I will leave a voicemail. I do try phoning the next day if I’ve not heard from them in case they never listened to it.

  • helenevlacho

    Great guide and tips so on point. I always try to be polite and kind even the person in the line seems to be aggressive or demanding.

  • Natalya

    Oh my, that must have been an annoying experience! Your tips are all very true, I think more people need to have a look at these. It can really be frustrating!

  • SofarsoSabine

    Great advice for work. I am so in the mommy days off mode, I can’t use it right now. But I will remember this when starting work again!

  • T. R. Noble

    I had a wrong number from a private investigator. I never pick up numbers I don’t know, so when I saw the voice mail I listened in. There was an area that was going to be looked over, and they called to let me know. They also listed a person’s name to call if I had any questions, and I had no idea who this person was, or what they were even talking about. I called the number back, left a voice mail telling them I didn’t know what they were talking about, and that they had the wrong number. After getting a call once a week from the person (who I was suppose to call, this happened two weeks in a row), I called the company and had to talk to three different people telling them they had the wrong number. They kept asking me if I had a file number to look me up, and I’m like, “No, I don’t have a file number because you have the wrong number.” Finally, I got someone who said it was the number they were given (which wasn’t mine fault or theirs), and he would try to figure out the issue. Haven’t had a call since. Goodness! I so relate to this! : ) Thanks for sharing!

  • Phaytea's Pulse

    WOW!!! what an encounter…having to explain you didn’t request for a service can be so stressful… especially when the call keeps coming from different reps in the same company. it leaves me wondering like… are they not communicating amongst themselves, no proper handover? You can only just hope they stop calling. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

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