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How to handle overbearing superiors.

We know them.

We have them as colleagues .

And sometimes, we have no choice but to put up with them.

As much as we should be around people with positive vibes only, there will be those other people who do not get the memo. 

They have no idea about how to manage expectations and end up transferring aggression to the next available person.

There is usually a way around these things because I will say stay away from people that spew bad vibes but what happens to you when you are stuck with them and have to put up with silliness.

I put up this pic on instagram the other day and the last sentence says ‘pick them wisely’.

The problem is we do not always have the choice to pick the people we relate with and one of such situations happen when you are in a professional environment.

Just like you cannot pick the family you are born into, unless you are a boss, you cannot pick the people you work with.

I have heard people share experiences about dealing with overbearing colleagues/superiors. Sometimes it ends up well and other times they end up getting clumsy at work or quitting completely.

You will expect that people know they should drop their baggage outside the office..but well people mix business with personal problems and innocent people suffer.

An overbearing colleague or superior would be that person who likes to swing moods and expect that you swing along…I love this personal definition….They have unstable emotion, arrogant, know it all, they make derogatory statements, they expect unquestioned obedience  etc

If you have had to put up with an overbearing colleague or superior, you will enjoy reading this post. I will be sharing some tips on handling bad vibes in a professional environment.

  • Be very good at your job.

This is a no brainer. 

Incompetence is the easiest way to fall victim of an overbearing colleague or superior. Do not leave loopholes and give room for victimisation.

Be very good at your job till it starts to hurt….

  • Never think you are the problem.

Like I said earlier, some colleagues/superiors forget they said should leave their personal problems outside the office. 

No matter how good you are, a party pooper will still try to make you feel unworthy.

Make excuses for their bad behaviour and do not take anything personal.

It is important that your self esteem is intact. This is the best time to remind yourself about how good you are and how deserving you are of only good things.

Once you start doubting yourself  and your ability, it affects your quality of work.

Positive vibes only.

  • Be very mindful.

Speak when you are spoken too, get an appointment before you show up, pick your words carefully, observe procedures, answer questions with tact, make sure you are not breaking rules. 


  • Talk to the overbearing colleague/superior.

My mum thinks this is a good idea…but I personally wouldn’t go for this method. 

It feels like trying to change an adult who isn’t interested in changing.

If for any reason this colleague or superior is approachable and shows interest in talking…then fine….have a civil conversation…if otherwise, I suggest you focus on doing your job.

  • Talk to the appropriate authority.

If for any reason you feel your job is being sabotaged or things have gone out of control, report to a higher authority.

In some companies, insubordination is handled squarely so luck is on your side if you work in such a place.

You should never feel uncomfortable at work.

And if you ever start to feel uncomfortable at a job, it’s probably time to ‘take a walk’.

I say this in all honesty, if you do not look forward to going to work every morning, then it’s probably time to find a new job. 

You should enjoy your job and not endure your job.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

Have you had to put up with overbearing colleagues?

How did you handle it?

Do you have tips to share?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


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  • Selma Aganagic-Gabela

    I used to have an overbearing superior – she’s not working here anymore (thank goodness!) but now I have an overbearing colleague and no amount of talk is helping. I love my job in aviation but that colleague is just too much. I am working on an approach which would solve this issue – quite an important topic!

  • Jasmin N

    Great tips! I had one very annoying workbuddy who thought she’s my boss. She wasn’t. Although, she thought so because several cultural differences and the fact that she’s been working there longer than me. I talked with my boss about her and I have to admit, sometimes I went straight to her face telling how she’s not my boss and told her that I know excactly how to do my job.

  • helenevlacho

    I found an overbearing colleague almost in every new job i had, you know, someone who thinks that is the best just because works more years that you do. Totally tried to avoid them and most of times, it worked.

  • Dreamer Achiever

    Great tips! I’m usually quite srong personality and I’m not scared to disagree thus I haven’t faced much problems with colleagues or superiors. Also, I work in profession where over 90% of employees are men and I think that having a strong, professional woman in team is so great that they don’t feel like giving any hardtime to me (customers do that though but usually they end up looking idiots, not me, in those cases haha 🙂 )

  • SofarsoSabine

    Great topic and so true. It’s better to kick out people from your life that only drain energy.

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