WordSearchSeries#14: Subjugate + Sibling Rivalry.

Hump day it is….and for #WordSearchSeries, i found #Subjugate.

In my Pulse for June post, I mentioned that I’ll like to start reading paper back books.

Honestly, the only time I pick up a book without thinking so much about ‘if I’ll have the time to read’ is when I have to go on a trip. Whether it’s by road or air, I always have a book.

Today was one of those days, I started reading ‘The spirit of Leadership’ and that’s where I found ‘Subjugate’. 


Here’s what it means:

Bring under domination or control, especially by conquest.

Put down by force or intimidation

Make subservient; forced to submit or subdue.

Synonyms include, conquer, defeat, crush

If you do not already use the word ‘Subjugate’, you can add it to your vocabulary.

For #WonderWednessday, I’m wondering…How is it that people can decide to block every contact with their siblings.

I’m in my maternal hometown for my grandpa’s burial. It’s actually a celebration of life because grandpa clocked 107 before passing on.

As expected, it’s a full house and filled with activities. The Fun Part is watching my mum and her siblings get along and of course slight commotion in between. 

You can tell it’s all love because they get back to talking to themselves in nano seconds like nothing happened.

With everyone all grown up and having a mind of their own, it’s even more easy to fallout. This is why it’s  important to respect eachother’s ideas and opinion when planning for about a thousand five hundred guests.

I know siblings quarrel and make up but it just leaves me wondering when I hear siblings go extra and actually stop every means of communicating for one reason or the other.
Share your thoughts Lovelies…

Can there be a point where you’ll block all contact from your sibling because he/she hurt you?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes



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