WordSearchSeries#17: Ensconce + Impulse Buying

Hump day and it’s been raining all through….

This is the first Wednesday in July and we start #WordSearchSeries with Ensconce. Have you heard or used the word before?

I’m not sure how but I found myself reading a political article over the weekend….I guess it was a good idea because that’s how I came across today’s word and many others I’ll be sharing on #WordSearchSeries.

Let’s find out what ‘Ensconce’ means:

Ensconce is a verb that means to hide securely or conceal oneself.

Example: Tobi ensconced himself in the room out of shame and away from public glare.
It also means to establish or settle comfortable in a place. 

Example: The couple finally found a nice apartment and ensconced almost immediately.

Feel free to add ‘Ensconce to your vocabulary if you are yet to.

For #WonderWednessday, I came across a quote that says Adverts create artificial needs. Do you think this is true?

It reminds me of a project where I had to carry out a research by sampling randomly what makes undergraduates eventually decide to purchase alcoholic drinks. My questionaire had a number of options but adverts was the most picked option while word of mouth followed closely.

This little research was about five years ago and after I saw that quote, I couldn’t help but wonder if adverts are the real reason why people are impulsive shoppers.

Personally, I think it depends on what the item is. A food advert will not make me want to go get the food. But I know that a mobile phone advert can make me wish to have it but not buying it immediately.

Any kind of promotional activity is aimed at attracting buyers but what makes you purchase item when it isn’t on your list?

Share your thoughts Lovelies

Do you think adverts create artificial needs?

Are you and impulsive shopper?

What spurs you to buy a product?

Do you buy because you saw an advert?

Do you buy a product because a friend told you about it?

Do you buy a product out of your own intuition?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes




  • The Real Reality Show Blog

    Ensconce is a great word. I should have used it more often at work when dealing with the boss.
    I’m probably the worst impulse shopper on the planet. I see an advertisement for almost anything and I’ll want it. Except like you, for food. Food I’m set on what I want. Fortunately I usually can curb my impulses before shopping turns to buying.

  • Kintan

    Ahhhh….I never heard this word before and its a something new for me. But thanks so much for sharing this word so that I can remind for using on my vocabulary later on. But I love shopping anyway and when I bought something, because I really like and not only to consume that not really neccesity. 🙂

  • Shelby

    Interesting thoughts here. I think that the line between advertising and everyday life is blurring. So many things are done for promotional purposes, it’s hard to tell what is real. I think that we are so deeply affected by adverts we may not even be able to determine our motivations for buying or even to an extent, our interests. This is something I’ll have to think more about. Thanks for sharing1

  • Jasmin N

    I’m not an impulse buyer, not at all and I hate it. I think before buying way too long – it’s not that I would be trying to save money or anything I just think all through. “Do I need it? Do I really need it? How many years will I need it? What if I get bored? What if I’ll have bad money situation & I could have had used my money better?” Stuff like that. I overthink.

  • Chloe

    Hi, I love the idea of learning a new word and this word is new to me. Sometimes so of my est buys have been a result of an impulse.

  • helenevlacho

    Another new word for me! Thanks for sharing dear. I usually don’t buy something after seeing an advertisement but if i need it and it would be useful i might consider buying it. Of course, sometimes i might buy something which was love at the first sight!

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