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Achieving a Proper Work – Life Balance.

If you were asked to create a day between Saturday and Sunday, what will you call it?

Still thinking? 

Honestly, there are times when I have said the weekend is too short and wished for a day in between Saturday and Sunday. 

We know for a fact that there will always be seven days in a week and I am sure it will never change. Since that’s the harsh reality, we have no choice but to face every new week and maybe play it out in the same old routine…..then on sunday night, we wish there was another day in between Saturday and Sunday.

Isn’t it funny that sunday night is usually the time when it dawns on us that the weekend is over and it’s time to get back to work. I will like to believe this thought cuts across employees, employers, freelancers and entrepreneurs….well, and students too.

Since we are never getting a day between saturday and sunday, we are left with the only option of  pursuing a better work-life balance.

I will not make this another time management post. That is definitely important but we all know that time does not wait for anyone…anytime it ticks, it takes us either closer or further away from our goals, family and ourself……all thanks to our actions.

Creating a work-life balance is first a conscious decision that must be made. Change your mindset and channel your thoughts to think about/do things that will yield the result you are expecting.  

Creating a work-life balance is ALL PRACTICAL. The things we write in our schedule just stands as a guide. We have to actually put them into practise, make mistakes and make adjustments continously.

Kudos to those who have routines and stick to it. In my opinion, if your routine does not have room for adjustments then you are basically just existing and not living. 

Hope this does not burst your bubble, there is literally no work-life balance because life itself is never perfect. There is only being able to adjust your actions and activities when you are faced with things you cannot control. 

This can only happen smoothly when you have realised that having a good work-life balance is being able to evenly participate in every activity that allows you leave a meaningful life.

Here’s a little guide I have put together to serve as a check list (Lists are so important that even if I didn’t start up liking them, they are now a part of me).

For a proper work-life balance, we must prioritise our obligations and this can be done easily by lumping then under:

  1. Work/Career
  2. Home/Family
  3. Me time/ Self-care
  4. Social Life

Most activities we get involved in revolves around work, family, time for ourself and our social life.


While at work:

  • Work smart
  • Avoid working overtime
  • You could run personal errands during your lunch time.
  • Plan after work activities that will make you live work early.
  • Allocate time to every task that needs to be done.
  • Take you leave when it is due.
  • Delegate if you have to.
  • Attend work retreats /team bonding events.


While at home:

  • Catch up on your partner’s day.
  • Catch up on the kids school work.
  • A little play time wouldn’t hurt.
  • Fix your leave period to match with the kids holiday and that of your partner.
  • Plan family trip

Me Time/Self-care

This is so important for your well-being.

  • Monitor your progress.
  • Draw up personal plans.
  • Work on your mental health.
  • Find ways to relax.
  • Connect with your spirituality.
  • Maintain your private time.
  • Meditate
  • Watch a movie
  • Get a massage
  • Go for a walk
  • Treat yourself

Social Life

A meaningful life will not be complete if we do not share ideas with people other than our family members and colleagues at work. We need to interact with friends and even strangers who share similar interests.

For our social life:

  • Meet up with friends.
  • Attend church activities and participate.
  • Offer to volunteer at an event.
  • Sign up at a book club or gym.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Attend your kids parent/teachers meeting in school.
  • Show up for your kids extra curricula activities in school.
  • Attend seminars that are beneficial to you.
  • Keep in touch with friends.
  • Have interesting conversations.

I like to believe no particular day has the same activities so if this is true then it just means that achieving a work-life balance is continous process.

Nobody makes plans and then goes to relax by the beach hoping everything will turn out fine. We have to put our plans into action and have very basic tips like knowing when to say no and avoiding activities that are not in sync with our immediate goals.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

Do you think you have been able to achieve a work-life balance?

What ways do you ensure one part of your obligation does not suffer?

How do you manage to achieve a work-life balance?

Don’t forget to add your activities under the four categories mentioned.

I’ll love to read from you



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