Pulse For August 2017

The first of every month is always very exciting for me. I feel I have just crossed a milestone and should celebrate.

Today isn’t any different. I feel elated and thankful for the Gift of Life, Good Health and Loved ones. I am also excited about Phaytea’s Pulse and it’s lovely readers. Thank you all for stopping by and contributing, it makes the effort worth it.

As I did in MayJune and July, I will be sharing my Pulse for August but first here’s a rundown of how I fared in July:

Post Scheduling & Pictures: I still write on impulse but the blog dairy helps. I get to put down my thoughts for a post on a dedicated page and it’s a lot more fun.

Read Daily: I read daily but obviously not paper back books. All the reading I did were online. I also planned to get new books but I decided to check my collection and I found three books I bought myself but never got to read. I’ll probably write a reading list for August post.

Personal Development: Still itching to write exams…what a weird wish! I went through some online courses relating to my current job, did a bit of reading and also attended a training at work. I liked the effort in July so I’ll try again in August 2017.

Health Goals: So I actually exercised sometime in July but stopped when I started to ache from squats and sit ups. That’s a good sign right?

Favourites Post: I wrote this for July socheck‘.

July wasn’t bad at all if you ask me. However, I am excited about August and the realistic plans I have set aside. I’ll share some….

  • Read Daily

I found two books I thought were interesting at the time I bought them. I never really got to read them so the plan is to read each book for 2 weeks or less. I will write my reading list for August post soon and maybe a review post when I’m done reading. By the end of August, I should have read 2 books. 

How long does it take you to finish reading a book?

  • Indulge in a new pastime (indoors)

Whenever I’m home and not doing anything serious, I’m usually on social media or watching my favourite shows on television. To task my creative side, I plan to try out calligraphy or colouring. Not quite sure how to start but I’ll find out.

What’s your favourite past time?

  • Meal Table

For some reason, I drew up a time table with healthy meals in July just to see if I could stick to it. I didn’t quite follow it religiously so I’ll try again in August. The aim is to eat healthy, in a controlled manner and to avoid snacking randomly.

Do you have and use a meal time table?

  • Health Goals

This had to come in again. I have figured out a free time in between my Spanish telenovela’s when I can throw in some workout and take a bath before the next viewing time. 

Lemon makes my green tea much more ‘tastier’ so I intend to use it once in a while. It’s actually more pricier that lime…sigh!! 

I never get to finish the water in my 700ml bottle before I head home after work so I’ll consciously try and see how that goes.

  • Personal Development

I like that I wrote this down last month and actually got it done. I plan to do same this month.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

What are your goals for August?

Do you already do any of the things I mentioned?

Are you participating in any challenge this month?

I’ll love to read from you



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