Phayview #5: 3 Links You Will love

Oh how I’ve missed posting Phayview!!!

In summary, Phayview is a post where I drop lovely or inspirational links to blogs or videos I read or watched during the week. It’s my way of appreciating the beautiful content created by creative minds.

The first link I’m sharing is from a blog owned by Shirley Corder. She celebrated  her 50th Wedding Anniversary this weekend and I couldn’t help but admire such huge milestone. She was nice to blog about her 50th Wedding Anniversary plans and also share 12 Points to Consider if you want your marriage to work.

Whenever I stop by her blog, I always leave with new information. I read that post and immediately knew I had to share with you all. Words of wisdom from a woman with 50 years experience.

If you have ever considered going minimalist, then you will love the two links I am about to share. 

I took out time yesterday to declutter…. I finally went into my wardrobe and sorted out clothes I won’t be wearing or haven’t worn in a while. By the time I was done, the questions I asked were:

●What do you do with outfits you don’t want anymore?

●Why do we keep clothes we don’t wear?

This post about reasons we keep clothes we don’t wear was so relatable so I thought I should share. If you need to declutter, then you will enjoy reading.

Another minimalist behaviour is not being spendthrift. I have been reading alot about handling finances and thinking of ways to cut down on expenses. Honestly, i do not think i spend money on things i do not need. There have been a few wrong purchases but it wouldn’t hurt to be more careful when spending. 

This article was a good read so i thought to share with you. – 4 Ways to cut down on expenses. It’s funny how some of the things mentioned in this post have crossed my mind as well.

It’s so tempting to shop on impulse but I’ve been thinking about ways to curb impulse buying. I will share them in a post once I have succeeded in following my advice. You know…like practice what your preach….

If you have written a post about savings or budget please leave your link in the comment section..

Share your thoughts Lovelies

Do you work with a budget?

How do you make sure you stick to your budget?

What do you do with clothes you don’t wear anymore?

I’ll love to read from you



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