• Meaningful Living

    8 Helpful Ways to Uplift Your Mood During Sad Times

    Wouldn’t you just love to wake up each morning, smile, say ‘all is well with the world’ and kick start your day smoothly? If your answer is yes and your mornings are just fine, then you probably do one of the things I mentioned in ‘8 Ways to literally have a Good Morning’. However, this post goes further than just finding ways to ensure you have a good morning. It involves discussing ways we can uplift our mood during tough times. For example, when you wake up each morning and remember the loss of a parent, family friend and how our loved one will never be able to call us…

  • Life

    Finding Purpose In Your Pain

    Lately, I’ve had to brace up and get back to reality. I’ve had to resume going to the office again and attend church on sunday. I even attempted going for a 10 year old birthday party just to try and soothe how i feel. Have I mentioned that once you lose a loved one, everything stops abruptly? Your schedule, routine and everything that used to matter becomes irrelevant. Going back to work has been difficult. Why? Because not everyone understands that you do not feel like laughing at their jokes (which is supposed to make you feel better) or how unsettling giving a recount of what happened makes you start…

  • Meaningful Living

    Meaningful Moments you should Never take for Granted.

    Recent events in the past weeks have made me think a lot more about life choices (past, current and future).  I feel like I am currently happy with what I have done with myself so far but is it really enough? Do I need to do more? Have I been spending my time well? Have I been spending my time with the right people? Have I reached out to the people who matter? Have I asked for help from the right people? Do I reciprocate the love I receive? Do I treat others badly because they have treated me badly? Do I need to spend more time having a relationship…

  • Life

    When God Gives You Lemons

    Did I hear you say make lemonade? I feel like my faith and trust in God was literally tested earlier today in church. It’s the first Sunday in September which translates to thanksgiving in church. If you are not familiar with thanksgiving in a Nigerian church, then think gorgeously dressed men and women with cheerful faces, excited and ready to dance happily to lovely gospel music in all language possible. I had spent the better part of August gathering strenght from inspirational teachings and podcasts and songs that soothe the mind but I had never really practised ‘Thanking God in/for my current ordeal’. This was my chance to put into…

  • Musings

    When Tomorrow Comes

    When tomorrow comes And my alarm goes off But I’m scared to wake up Scared of the truth that awaits me each day The truth that he’s not a door away The truth that he’s not a call away The truth that he’s not a flight away  Or even a road trip away Maybe if I sleep a little longer There might be a miracle It’s probably a dream that feels real Maybe if I ignore my alarm All this might go away They say truth hurts  But they didn’t say it hurts this much My truth hurts And accepting it is my biggest task