When God Gives You Lemons

Did I hear you say make lemonade?

I feel like my faith and trust in God was literally tested earlier today in church.

It’s the first Sunday in September which translates to thanksgiving in church. If you are not familiar with thanksgiving in a Nigerian church, then think gorgeously dressed men and women with cheerful faces, excited and ready to dance happily to lovely gospel music in all language possible.

I had spent the better part of August gathering strenght from inspirational teachings and podcasts and songs that soothe the mind but I had never really practised ‘Thanking God in/for my current ordeal’.

This was my chance to put into practise everything I have learnt about staying grateful/thankful in a difficult situation. This will be hard, I mean I am literally still sulking over my dad’s passing and here I was in the midst of other happy faces preparing to dance while giving thanks.

As if to reiterate the need to give thanks regardless of one’s situation, the Sunday school teaching was about ‘Praising God in a Difficult Situation’ and all I was thinking about is if I will really be able to praise and dance as I usually would.

My mind was a battle field, I asked questions and I answered them. Who am i to question God?

Apparently, God gives us lemons sometimes and the loss of a loved one is just one out of the many ways it comes. Here I was, thinking of how to deal with the lemons I had just been given.

Will I trust God to help me pass through this phase?

Will I draw strenght from his promises?

Will I continue to sing his praises even when I am sad and down?

Will I give him the honour he deserves?

Will I accept my current difficult as God’s will?

Difficult things are not impossible things.

I cried while I sang

I cried while I worshipped

I cried while I danced

I cried while I prayed

The mind battle was tough but I gave God the praise he deserves and I trust him enough to let him help me pass through this difficult time.



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