Meaningful Living

Meaningful Moments you should Never take for Granted.

Recent events in the past weeks have made me think a lot more about life choices (past, current and future). 

I feel like I am currently happy with what I have done with myself so far but is it really enough?

Do I need to do more?

Have I been spending my time well?

Have I been spending my time with the right people?

Have I reached out to the people who matter?

Have I asked for help from the right people?

Do I reciprocate the love I receive?

Do I treat others badly because they have treated me badly?

Do I need to spend more time having a relationship with God?

What memories have i created intentionally?

Do I document these memories?

Too many questions have crossed my mind and it’s true what they say, sometimes you really need that ‘wake up call’ to help you re-evaluate your life and think about how you have been spending your time.

I have received my wake up call and even though it came in the rudest shock ever, I can’t help but look back in time. I have been happy, sad, patient, impatient, made mistakes and I have learnt from them, infact I’ll rather make my own mistakes than try to learn from someone else’s.

With everything I have done with my time and the realisation that no one is promised tomorrow, I have come to a conclusion that only 3 moments really matter to me. 

Moments spent in God’s Presence.

With the way my mind is set up, I have always been aware of the God’s efficacy. I believe so much in God’s word and even though sometimes I err, I always know he’s somewhere watching over me.

This is why I will now intentionally enjoy every moment I spend in his presence, I will enjoy every blessing God has given me, every opportunity he handed me on a platter. I will enjoy all of it without regret or complaints.

If you are a christain, believe strongly in God and you will always find a way out of every situation.

Moments spent with Family & Friends

So, I can categorically say to you that the first set of people who come to your beck and call when you are in trouble/difficulty, are your family members and friends who have become family too.

Recently, i have witnessed the benefits of having reliable family members and friends who can actually support you through difficult times.

The idea is to intentionally be more appreciative of moments created with family/friends. It cannot be compared to anything else. 

Create more beautiful memories with family, be happy and let that happiness rub off on them. There will always be friction among family members because of different opinions….. but hey blood is still thicker than water.

Moments scheduled for Personal Development

I have always been of the opinion that anyone who poses as a barrier to your personal growth has no business being around you.

That being said, one can only break out from such hold when they practise self love. 

It is so important to think about yourself and what you want in life, what you want to be remembered for, what value you want to impact in others, what you are useful for, what you do in your me-time,…

Moments spent in developing yourself is what eventually turns you into that force that cannot be reckoned with, it’s the result from personal development that makes your dream a reality and places your name amongst the top.

Invest in yourself and you will always be happy about your progress, no matter how little.

I’ll love to read from you

What moments matter to you the most?

Have you had a wake up call that made you rethink your choices?

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