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To and from work everyday, I kind of run into traffic and since the days of taking traffic selfies are so over, I turn to web series for company while waiting for the road to get free.

For someone who intends to spend less on data, watching web series might just be a ‘no go’ area. However, i still find days where I can afford to splurge on data so I make sure it is spent on watching only  web series that I really like.

Oh! …. yea it’s Tuesday and I am just waiting for 10:00am Nigerian Time because that’s when the 5th episode of one my favourite Nigerian Web series drops on youtube.

Favourite Nigerian Web series
Notification Gang

(I’ll just run off to watch this episode then come back later to complete this post guys.

10:47~ I’m done watching and episode 5 got me teary eyed….moving on)

If you are in Nigeria or Nigerian in diaspora, then you already know what series I am talking about. If you don’t, here you go:

This is it

Now this one is so close to my heart and I can easily understand why. 

I am still relatively ‘newly married’ and the main body of this series revolves around a really young newly wed couple (played by Kenyan Nick Mutuma and Nigerian Chigozie Nwakanma) from different cultures, their romance, dispute, how they cope with understanding each other’s differences, how they deal with single friends, parents intervention in marriage and oh my….the arguments they have are so cute… It is so similar to the ones I have had at home with hubby.

It is produced/directed by LowlaDee and I think the story line is amazing. Whether married, soon to be married or not yet thinking of marriage, you will enjoy watching this series. 

Here’s the trailer for season 1, just watch it and you’ll be hooked:

For the fact that some scenes make me actually cry, you can be rest assured it’s a good way to spend your past time. Too many lessons to learn about ‘Marriage Life’.

This web series is currently on its second season (episode 5 at time of writing this post) and I am so loving every bit of it. I told hubby about it and hopefully he gets addicted…..or not.. Anyway, here’s a trailer for season 2 just to wet your taste buds:

If you have not been following, binge watch all seven episode from season one and follow season 2 via the link below.

I rate this series a 95 on the scale of 100 just because I want longer episodes but aside that, the picture quality is top notch, the characters are interpreted nicely and I just love it.

You will be hooked..Trust me!!!

Skinny Girl in Transit

I feel like this series has more audience than my first fave. I can also understand why because a lot of social media promotion is put into making sure everyone hears about it.

Asides having choice characters playing the lead roles, It also has a beautiful story line and that is one of the reason i look forward to every season.

The wait is usually long but when it comes, NdaniTV never disappoints. 

Season 4 is finally out. Here is a sneak peak of what to expect:

As the title suggests, it is about a single girl called Tiwa who is on a weight loss journey. We follow her relationship and break up journey and crack up at her humourous mum who finds every opportunity to let her know she should get married soon.

Tiwa also has an annoying little sister who is skinny and pretty but gets angry anytime tiwa brings a good looking man home. And there’s the friend who doubles as Tiwa’s colleague at work.

This series is currently on its fourth season (fourth episode at the time of writing this post). It goes up on the youtube channel every Friday but I always end up watching it on Saturday morning.

To catch up on previous seasons, follow the link below to NdaniTV’s  youtube channel

There are a couple of other web series that get my attention but these two stand out and I have followed every episode religiously.

Read that I can splurge my data on these two.

What web series do you enjoying watching?

I will love to read from you 



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