lntroducing Phaytea's Pulse on SoundCloud

Hey guys,

This isn’t your regular post.. Asking why?

Well, I started my annual leave today, was home alone, got itchy fingers and found myself visiting my soundcloud.

I finally recorded something for you guys.

It’s a basic introduction and I feel like i should just talk sometimes. So here’s me promising to pay attention to my soundcloud.

If you are curious, click below to listen to my ramblings (click ‘listen in brower’)
Listen to Phaytea’s Pulse : Chit chat with Phaytea(lntroducing Phaytea’s Pulse) by Phaytea #np on #SoundCloud

It’s taken me alot to be this happy again, so this is me just being really chatty and informal.

Do you have a soundcloud profile?

What do you talk about?

Drop your link in the comment and I’ll stop by too

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