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Gratitude Challenge: Accountability and Affirmations

Phaytea’s Pulse is participating in a 31 Days Gratitude Challenge. It is our version of Blogmas except that it does not end on Christmas Day, so expect a New post everyday till the end of the year.

How is it December already?

It is the last month in 2017 and even if it might sound cliché, I am Happy and Grateful for a lot of things. There have been bad times too but I feel like i really just want to let it all out through daily gratitude posts. In perspective, it will help me count my blessings and see my loss as lessons. This year has been a roller coaster of emotions but I remain GRATEFUL.


Ever wondered how life will be if we were not accountable to anyone? No rules or laws to keep us in check, no one to call us to order when we go off track? No one asking you where you are or How soon you are getting back?

Life would have just been reckless mess.

However, I am grateful that is not the case. I am grateful for accountability and having people to call me out when I am wrong. I am grateful to have people who I think about before making decisions.

Accountability is important for Meaningful Living and I am grateful for this.

I definitely mean positive affirmation. There is power in the tongue and I hear this all the time. Apparently, we should always speak positively about ourself as that will naturally channel our thought process towards living consciously. Affirmations is a subtle way for avoiding negativity.
For this reason, I am grateful for Positive Affirmations.

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