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Gratitude Challenge: Knowledge and Kindness

Phaytea’s Pulse is participating in a 31 Days Gratitude Challenge. It is our version of Blogmas except that it does not end on Christmas Day, so expect a New post everyday till the end of the year.

Earlier at work today, I tried to log into my site admin and realised I could not. It seemed weird so I tried to do same on my phone it went through. At least, I was fine logging in through my phone worked.

As people will say, ‘Google is your friend’ so I decided to check through Google to find out if anyone had the same issue. As I had suspected, there were several issues like that with experts and non-experts preferring solution. It was quite a lot of information to take, I didn’t start to sort the technicalities but I felt relieved knowing I could find answers once I am ready.


I love that we have loads of information at our disposal. I also love the confidence that knowledge gives us. For this I am Grateful.


Little acts of kindness really does make the world a better place and I am grateful for every kind gesture that comes my way.

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