Movie Review: Justice League

Justice League is clearly not in my genre of choice but everytime I randomly decide to go see a movie, I end up seeing one of these super hero movies. The last time this happened, I ended up watching Wonder Woman which was worth it by the way.

I shared Life Nuggets from the movie and I also remember watching Doctor Strange and Man of Steel unplanned. These were all really popular movies but I will choose a chick flick on a good day.

Before the year runs out, I thought to share my thoughts on phayview and will be reviewing Justice League and it’s characters.

Late last month, I went to the mall to run errands, realised I had some time to spare and decided to see a movie. Justice League was the only movie I felt I could see plus it came with a complimentary popcorn. So, I got a ticket, grabbed my popcorn and went into the hall.

I got my favourite spot by the aisle and settled in. The movie was directed by Zack Snyder under Warner Bros. Studio and is basically sci-fi, violence and action.

Now, i must add that I am not big on DC comics or Marvel movies so I needed a certain level of open-mindedness to enjoy the movie.

It was nice to see all the Superheroes, well not all of them but Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg come together to defend the planet as usual. Batman (Ben Affleck) was the convener and was able to get the other Superheroes together with the help of wonder woman (Gal Gadot).

This time, the bad guy was Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) who I thought was not so powerful. I mean, if the team had to revive Superman (Henry Cavill) to join the fight against Steppenwolf and his para- demons, then I expected a really tough villian.

And oh…if you were still in doubt regarding who the strongest superhero is, this movie definitely gives Superman all the accolade. He stole the show once he was brought back to life and it just looked like without his effort, the fight would have been unsuccessful. I guess the inspirational quote here will be ‘Team Work makes the dream work’.

It was nice to see Wonder Woman again in this movie. She was my second favourite and I just loved to watch her in the midst of the male superheroes. She kind of played the role of keeping them in check and brought in the spark the movie needed. She didn’t do so much like in wonder woman but I guess the director should be blamed for that.

The rookie in the movie was certainly flash (Ezra Miller) and I like that he brought in the comic relief. He made a couple of funny statements that got everyone laughing. I enjoyed watching him deliver his character but I feel like it could have been developed better.

In my opinion, Aquaman (Jason Mamoa) was in this movie just to be the hottest superhero. However, he was underutilised in this movie and it is the same thought I have for Cyborg (Ray Fisher). He was the stubborn one and most difficult to convince.

Aquaman and Cyborg needed more character development as their scences were mainly dialogues that we could really do without.

Superhero fanatics swear that DC could have made a better movie off Justice League. More like this movie did not meet expectation.

Out of 5, I would rate this movie a 3. This is because of its star studded cast, Batman’s delivery and Superman’s comeback. That scene got all my attention.

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