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Gratitude Challenge: Victories and Values

Phaytea’s Pulse is participating in a 31 Days Gratitude Challenge. It is our version of Blogmas except that it does not end on Christmas Day, so expect a New post everyday till the end of the year.

It is the last working day before the holiday and I am so excited. If not for anything, I am totally looking forward to really resting. 

There will be activities lined up as well but I think I am really just look forward to spending time at my own pace.

I already whined about how the traffic has increased and things have gotten more expensive in yesterday’s post, so I’ll just say that is the case today as well.

For my Gratitude Journal today, I am most Grateful for:



Have you ever thought about the many battles you win without even lifting a finger?

Those battles you are unaware of but suddenly see that you do not even have to go through any hassle.

Those battles that leave you victorious and utterly happy. There are so much battles that have been fought for me and I am Grateful for the many victories.


Values are an individuals principles and belief. Whether it is spiritual or otherwise, values help us have a clearer picture of what is most important to us.

We make core decisions based on our values and once we compromise what we believe in, it’s affects our ability to live a meaningful life.

Today, I am Grateful for the Values imbibed in me and how they help me live a better life.

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