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5 Things I cannot afford at the moment.

If you were told to write a list of things you cannot afford at the moment, I bet your list will be filled with collections from the latest trends, gadgets and all sort. This is not to judge anyone as even I crave for the extra comfort sometimes.

However, what gets in the way of living a meaningful life is dwelling on those thoughts that reminds us of how we may not be able to get the luxury we so crave as soon as we need them. One way or the other, we will have to save up, work hard and make sacrifices to achieve a certain level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  

One way to replace those thoughts have always been the ability to remain content. It not only keeps you away from unnecessary spending habits but makes you a better person while striving to live a  meaningful life.

Talking about spending habits and finance, let’s for a tiny second think outside the box. 

What are those non- material things you really afford at the moment? 

What are those things that stand in the way of your goals?

I have answered these questions and I am sharing it with you in this post. The good thing about this list is that it doubles as a guide to living a meaningful life so feel free to adopt it:

Living without Gratitude

Do I need to re-emphasise why I cannot afford to live without Gratitude? 

Everyday we are able to breath and move freely is a major reason to be grateful. How can I then go a day without acknowledging God for being present and coming through for me.

Living without Gratitude will be saying I can do all things alone and we know that is absolutely incorrect.

Unhealthy lifestyle


It has been established that the conditions we find ourselves in affects our outlook towards life. This is one reason why I cannot afford to be around negativity. Anything or anyone that keeps me away from achieving my goals is negative and not good for living a meaningful life.

Fair Weather Acquaintances

I once saw a quote that read ‘Why have 10 friends to drink with but none to do business with’

The company you keep goes a long way in setting you up for either success or failure. It is important that we surround ourselves with friends or acquaintances that will support us through thick and think. This is why I cannot afford seasonal relationships.


One way to easily hit the rock is assuming it will move as you get closer to it. Having  foresight is encouraged but it is also important to ask necessary questions when you need to guidance.

I cannot afford to make decisions based on assumptions as it is  detrimental to growth in all aspects of life.


Unhealthy Lifestyle

While we have our plans, hopes and dreams, we should never forget that we need to be healthy in order to achieve them. An unhealthy lifestyle keeps us farther from our goals and I definitely cannot afford the repercussions of one.

We can resolve to eat better and make healthier  choices, practice self care and remain active.

There you have it, 5 things I definitely cannot afford at the moment. The world is so fast paced and if we do not live intentionally, we will end up surrounding ourself with activities that are toxic while we should really cut them off.

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What other non material things can you not afford at the moment?

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