Rhetorics and Sunday Musings

It has been a while I wrote a post just reflecting about life and daily activities. Ok, maybe i have written about that but right now i feel like my emotions are all over the place.

I have always wondered how you can be so happy today and the next day something steals your joy. Sometimes it gets so bad that you get drenched in your own tears.

Why does this happen?

I have often wondered why growing up looked like fun as a kid, but now it is just so much hard work.

How come no one ever said anything about how being an adult is so much hardwork?

Finally, I have always wondered how I get so lucky but then again, it is not luck. It is just God’s Love in my life and that of my family.

Who am I, that God is mindful of me?

I am not looking for answers.

These are just questions I have to ask once in a while to remind me that things will always get better.

Do you have these kind of moments when you just reflect answer ask rhetoric questions?

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  • Debs

    Yes I’ve had this moments time and time again, and then I pep talk myself that life happens, and it’s best to accept life as it comes, face it head on and live to fight another day.

    Everyday will not be gloomy and sad. There are happy days too, dwell on the happy days and live again.

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