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5 Genuine Reasons to Stay Happy

The way we start each day pretty much sets the pace for how our day pans out. Today, it looked like being happy was far-fetched. I woke up really agitated and anxious (two deep words, but that’s how I really felt this morning). I did not get much sleep either but I still had to get up early to start my day.

Work was in an hour and there was no way I was going to show up grumpy.

I have always believed that as individuals, we have the power to choose how we want to feel so instead of asking rhetorical questions, I said a short prayer then picked my phone to make a call to that one person that knows me too well. If you know who, then you really read my posts.

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Thirty minutes and many soothing words later, I was out of my mood and ready to take on the day. However, the ride to work was one of deep reflection and gratitude. We always think we have the worst situation until we hear even worse stories.

Situations are really as big as the mind paints it, I had to work on my mind and I had the job to complete the process of making sure I was a 100% before I get to work. I thought about the little things like being able to breathe without the use of an oxygen mask, dressing up for work with electricity supply from the actual power company and not from the sound of generator (Third world country problems). It is always the little things that make us happy the most- the thought that there is someone who cares about you, the fact that you have a team that supports your dreams e.t.c .

Happiness will always be a choice and as soon as I was able to remind myself of this option, it became easy to do the ‘inside’ job. Our thought process is really what needs to managed.

This is applicable to life in general. Never allow a situation faze you, never allow someone be responsible for your happiness, do not sweat the little things, be responsible for your own happiness and selectively choose what you respond to. That is a sure way to protect your happiness.

Regardless of how gloomy you feel, there must be some genuine reason why you should be happy. You do not need to search very far.

Truly, I felt better as the day progressed and I really just want to share the reasons why I had to stay happy:


For everytime someone tells me to assist them with a blog or work related issues, I am genuinely happy to help and that was exactly what happened when i got to the office. Being placed in the capacity to add value to people gives me a reason to be happy.

I even shared very interesting ideas with someone and it got me all revved up. I honestly cannot wait to see these ideas come to life. What really got me happy was being able to talk about a subject I like, off the back of my hand. I enjoyed the fact that I was sharing knowledge and I instantly knew what I had to write about today. It is always amazing to see how we can go from sad to happy just by the seemingly little things.


I heard the most appalling news today and it made me realise just how much we underrate good health. Trust me, a limping dog is better than a dead lion. If you can move about without aid, there is no reason why you should not see that as a genuine reason to stay happy.

There will always be the issue of being a liability to others but if you have life and people that are willing to help, you can still conquer the world.


However we look at it, the internet is one place that kind of helps us blow off steam. This is why regardless of what mood you find yourself in, you are most likely to get on the internet to relax. You can keep in touch with friends miles away, get news updates e.t.c

If you ever wonder why you are so eager to take a picture of your meal for Instagram, the answer is simple. The internet makes you happy especially when it is fast.


Family means different things to different people. It could be blood or loyalty but whichever it is, you feel a certain kind of assurance when you know that you have a family that stands by you through thick and thin.

If you have this, you should genuinely stay happy. The drama will always be there but deep down, you can tell when you are being loved deeply.

Can I save the best for last?

If you are alive and going about your daily activities (seamless or with glitches) be very happy. We may not be the best deserving people on earth but a lot of people make plans and the next minute, you hear something as terrible as they can no longer take in breath.

Life will always present you with challenges but make a conscious effort to always choose happiness. Strive to remain happy

  • Stay around people that bring out the best in you.
  • Avoid toxic relationships.
  • Do the things you love.
  • There will be moments of sadness but do not dwell on it.
  • Avoid self pity.
  • Be responsible for your decisions.
  • Be your biggest cheerleader.

Plan to lead a Happy and Meaningful Life

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What makes you happy at the moment?

I will like to read from you.



  • Debs

    So true and a subtle beautiful reminder. I am happy for my life, current job, friends, family and all that I have achieved so far. Better late than never, they say.

  • Dreamer Achiever

    Life’s too short for bad relationships and unhappiness! At the moment I’m happy that I’m abroad with my fiancee and have finally a full week of school and work. Also, I’m happy to be healthy and to have job and studies I really enjoy. Have a happy day! 🙂

  • Jasmin N

    Ah I just wrote a post about things that are making me happy at the moment! Feels like it’s been ages since I’ve actually put some thought on it, but little things are the ones that are making me happy 🙂

  • karilife

    The things that make me happy right now are my husband and family and my time spent creating. What’s even better is when I’m creating with them!

  • Zana

    You are always so inspirational. Love this post!
    What makes me happy at the moment? My health, my family, my boyfriend, the fact that I woke up alive this morning, this life.. that all makes me happy and grateful. 🙂

  • John Mulindi

    Thanks for the reminders. People around us, shape how we view things, if you want positivity, then align yourself with positive people i.e. the environment shapes how we view things.

  • Oluchi

    So on point. So very on point. In the midst of any bad, there’s always always a reason to be happy and thankful. After all, you feel bad because you’re living and have the ability to feel bad. Thank God for little mercies (though no mercy from God is little)

  • Miriam Bendayan

    I really needed to read this post today. Lately I have been struggling with my happiness, but this really might help me get out of my rut. Thank you so much for sharing this post!

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