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How To Choose Faith Over Fear

The definition of Faith have always been etched somewhere in my heart. If I am to take a wild guess, then it has probably been since I stopped going into the ‘big church’ on sunday with my mum and would rather go to the class meant for kids.

As a kid, my favourite part of church was Sunday School, as that was where we learnt a lot of bible stories and also had to commit bible verses to memory. Hebrews 11:1 was (still is) easily one of my favourite memory verse. Can you guess why? –

It says ‘Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’.

I may not have understood what this meant at that age, but it was fascinating to know my name was in the bible and everyone in class had to recite what it means. Those were the days we had nothing to worry about.

Recently, the word Faith is no longer just my name but now means a lot of things to me. I have used it when I feel like I am running out of luck, I have resorted to Faith when it feels like all hope is being lost, I have had Faith while waiting for a prayer request to be answered and especially when I am being expectant. There are too many instances where exercising Faith havcome in handy.

As many other things that helps us live a meaningful life, exercising Faith does not come as easy as it sound. There is usually one enemy and that is Fear. Fear in the context of this article is basically an unpleasant emotion or anxious feeling experienced when you anticipate pain or danger.

One of the definition of fear that has stuck for a long period is False Evidence Appearing Real. Apparently fear is easily that inner voice that stops your from launching.

One must always consider if the reason for ‘Being Afraid’ is valid. Find out if there will be consequences is your reason for fear happens. Is there something you can do to ameliorate the situation? Fear should Never overwhelm you or stop you from ‘living a meaningful life’

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If you find it difficult exercising Faith when you really should, here are some helpful pointers. They have worked for me a lot of times and

Talk about your Fears.

Silence is not always the best option especially if an issue is preventing you from taking that plunge that you need. Talk to a counsellor or someone that you really trust.

Do this with someone who will listen to you and proffer solution as well. Sometimes, it only takes one person to talk you out of whatever fear you have.

Do Not Dwell On Your Fears.

For certain, we must accept that while it is okay to feel anxious, we must never dwell on that feeling. Most big decisions are made without being sure of what the outcome will be but does that mean decisions won’t be made?

Fear is an emotion that grips you and makes you hesitate to do the things that matter. Learn not to dwell on your fears, speak positively all the time, words of affirmation go a long way too.

Take that bold step, no matter how little, move out of the box, think of possible outcomes (negative or positive), think of possible solutions too.

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Firmly Trust God to help you Build your Faith.

As Christians, we can only exercise our Faith in totality when we trust God wholeheartedly. It involves a conscious effort as Faith without work will not yield results.

To build our Faith, we must know God’s word, understand it, pray, believe it and act it out. We cannot afford to have Faith now and in the next minute, we get shaky. It is easy to fall out of Faith when we face certain hard times but our ability to regain strength in trying times is what makes us victorious.

In order to build our Faith and choose it over Fear, hear are some bible verses that has helped me so far:

Isaiah 43:2 – When you go through deep water, I will be with you.

Psalm 91:1 to end

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me.

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Psalm 23:1 to end

I am not the most spiritual person but I have found these passages very helpful all the time. During my prayers, after a passing thought that is uncomfortable or when I feel really anxious, I say one or two passages in Faith and just believe.

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  • Lara Olivia

    Choosing faith over fear is a lovely way to put it. Faith lefts us up against all odds, fear holds us back. It’s not an easy thing to overcome our fears, and often takes a long time, but knowing it’s possible, and discovering tools and ways to do it, is really important.


  • Jasmin N

    This was an interesting read from my atheist point of a view. I’ve got my coping mechanisms when I feel anxious, it’s usually focusing on my breathing to avoid a panic attack & then listening to death metal (it weirdly calms me).

  • helenevlacho

    I am getting anxious as I get older, something I could never feel when I was younger. But when fear comes around, I just try to stay calm, try to meditate and read something inspiring and motivated.

  • Beth Berger

    Great tips, as always! When I’m feeling anxious I don’t always do a great job at voicing my fears/concerns. I’m more of a “everything’s fine, let’s move forward” type of girl, and I’m really working on this. As for what I AM good at doing–self-care, breathing/meditation, and finding the comedy in bad situations.

  • You Can Always Start Now

    My aim in life is to live without regrets (as much as I can). That means not giving into fear and putting things off or not doing something. So I guess I am having faith it will work out or at least the alternative of if nothing else it is a learning experience. Enjoyed the post.

  • April Munday

    I enjoyed the post, but I’m not sure that I agree with your definition of what fear is. Fear isn’t something to be pushed aside, but examined. Is it a justifiable fear? Is there something you can do about it? What happens if the thing you’re afraid of happens? Is there anything you can do about the consequences? Faith is important, but you can learn something about yourself by looking at why it is that you’re afraid.

    • Phaytea

      Oh no… I suggested fear should be pushed aside?

      Fear should NEVER be pushed aside…and as you’ve said. Find out if what your are scared about is valid. Will there be consequences? Is there something you can do about it?

      Your comment reminds me of an article I wrote about worry and it benefits.

      Fear/worry should never overwhelm you. Rather find ways to salvage a situation. That’s were Faith and managing expectation comes in.

      Thank you for the insightful contribution☺

  • Lisa Orchard

    Great post and good advice. We can’t dwell on our fears or we’d never accomplish anything, right? We have to have faith in God or a Higher Power to move forward in pursuing our dreams.

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