Travel Preparation Checklist: Packing For A Comfortable Trip

I used to be one out of many people who prefer to create a mental checklist of everything rather than write it out. Ok, I still use my mental checklist once in a while, but then, things like the scenario below happens once in a while.

The hubby and I recently planned a trip and were at the airport waiting for the first boarding announcement when suddenly, I remembered I did not pack the charger for my power bank. As worse case scenario, I mentioned I will resort to using his laptop to charge my phone and we let it go.

A while later, he asked that we take some pictures together and I was like ‘oh shoot! I did not bring my selfie stick along’. He gave me a side eye and said Why didn’t you pack with a checklist?

Now, I did have a travel preparation checklist but apparently, I left some items off my list. Just as I was settling into the idea of taking selfies without the aid of a selfie stick, the hubby mentioned he forget to pack his baseball cap.


I happily used the ‘What happened to your Checklist’ line on him but it also reminded me that no matter how we think we have prepared for a trip, there just might be that one item we may forget to add to our checklist.

For this reason I decided to share the items I sometimes consider while drawing up a travel checklist and also to find out how you come up with a travel preparation checklist for a trip.

It is safe to say that ideas for the checklist come up randomly and I just add them to the category it belongs to. It is better to start compiling your list way before travel date and if possible write it down. In no particular order, here are the things to consider when preparing a travel checklist:


It is no longer news that we all have diverse cultures and belief. This is clearly evident at social gatherings, institutions and even residential areas. There might be some similarities in culture but there must be something that is done differently. That ‘different method’ of getting things done is what everyone who seeks to travel should look out for.

Travel checklist

Learn about their mode of dressing, how they eat, what they eat e.t.c Depending on the reason you are visiting, find out information that you think will help you communicate with the locals. If you ever find yourself alone in their market, can you express yourself in their basic language? Can you identify their currency? Do you know how they stop a taxi?

Sometimes conversations could get political. Learn a bit about their history, landmarks, president or top government officials, imports and exports, natural resources e.t.c

These kind of information will enable you settle into the community without feeling too alien. Then again, if you are just visiting for fun, it will be nice read up content about interesting places to visit in that location.

Travel Documents

Unless you are on your bed and binging on your favourite wanderlust’s YouTube channel, you will need an actual flight, bus or train ticket for your trip. At this point, you must have also made the cost of travel available.

Here are some items you should have with you:

  • Bus, Train or Flight Ticket/ Boarding Pass.
  • Passport
  • Any other means of identification
  • Cards – Credit, Health Insurance and frequent flyer card. If applicable.
  • Travel Vaccine Requirements/ Yellow Card.
  • Remember to obey basic check in rules.
  • Leave sharp objects in your check in luggage.
  • Use clear resealable bags for liquid items.
  • Some cash *rolls eye

Travel checklist


One of the things you’re likely to notice immediately in a new environment is the weather. It is important to be mentally prepared and this is simply by asking or reading up content on how the locals survive in the condition they live in.

Being aware of the weather condition helps you plan your activities for the trip. It affects the choices you make with regards picking outfits to travel with.

Having the necessary information about the weather condition also helps you decide what season is best for you to visit.

Outfits and Accessories

When picking outfits for a trip, these are a few things you should consider:

  • Consider the Weather.
  • Consider the culture. Do the females dress conservatively?
  • Will there be special activities that require specific outfits? For example Beach wear, Football Games, Skating, Hiking e.t.c
  • Special Dinner Dates
  • Formal events
  • Comfortable (stay at home) outfits.
  • Sleep wear(s)
  • Underwear Bag.
  • Jewelry
  • Hats, Scarfs, Belts
  • Brooches, Lapel pin
  • Slip on.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Shoes according to the activities planned and the weather.
  • The number of days you will spend determines how much outfits to take along. Try to mix and match outfits.
  • Pack more tops and less bottoms.

Travel checklist

Activities During the Trip.

What’s a trip without planning activities? This should be the highlight of you trip so write out the activities you will engage in.

If you will be visiting with a tour group, keep their contact information close to you. Have an idea of places you want to visit, use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to find places the location that have been tagged. It helps narrow your search.

  • Places to Visit.
  • People to See.
  • Shopping.
  • Dinner Dates.
  • Work out.

Travel checklist


These are basically the little things you need to be comfortable during the trip and after you reach your destination.

  • Hotel / Hostel Reservation e.t.c
  • Means of Transportation. Have a plan.
  • Cash
  • Mobile Network and Internet.
  • Neck Pillow.
  • Sweets to aid cabin pressure effect if you are flying.
  • Travel Towel.
  • Toiletry bag. (These are your personal effects. Sanitizers, Toothbrush, shower gel e.t.c).
  • Pack liquid items in clear resealable bags.
  • Make sure your travelling bag is in good condition (Zips, wheels, handle e.t.c)
  • Name tag or Unique ribbon to help identify your luggage.
  • Camera to document your memories.
  • Laptop, Music Player
  • Chargers, Power banks
  • Selfie stick, Tripod
  • Umbrella (depending on the weather)
  • Books to read
  • Handy change of cloth.
  • Travel size make up set.
  • Sewing kit ( This is always in my make up bag).
  • Contact friends to meet up with (If any).
  • Travelling with a toddler, you NEED to pack for extra comfort.

Travel checklist

When planning a trip one thing you must do is leave your house in a good condition, especially if it will be empty for the period you are away. You really do not want to come back home to a stinky smell in the house.

Here are a couple of things you can do before you travel:

  • Redirect mails to another address.
  • Pay up electricity bills if you receive bills monthly.
  • Clear your trash bin.
  • Keep the bathroom, toilet and kitchen clean.
  • Give out already made food or snacks.
  • Find a friend or relative that can stop by the house to check mails.
  • Rent in Nigeria is paid annually but if your rent is paid every two weeks, have a conversation with your landlord.
  • Switch off sockets and appliances.

You may or may not need all these items as it depends on if the trip is local or international.

Have I left anything off the checklist, what do you consider when creating your checklist?

Share your thoughts.

Do you prefer a mental checklist?

Do you prefer a written checklist?

What items can you never travel without?

I will like to read from you



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