2 Years Wedding Anniversary and 2 Lessons

June is my Favourite Month (after May) for a lot of reasons. It holds very special dates and what I am most excited about is Our Two Years Wedding Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary

The hubby and I got married on this day two years ago, so the 4th of June is always going to be a significant day.

How is it our two years wedding anniversary already? I have so many interesting memories and stories to tell. I still get comments like you do not look married and saying ‘husband’ doesn’t sound as weird anymore. I guess one gets used to it with time.

Marriage is a huge package that you keep unwrapping everyday. You think you have it all figured out and boooom…. you have to learn new things. You have to be open to learning, unlearning and re-learning.

Most adults will tell you how difficult it is to accept people’s ideologies when you have known a particular way of doing things for a long time. Now imagine having to always reach a compromise with someone you Love and live with. It gets easier with time but initially, one could miss the turn.

Last year, I shared one lesson from being married for a year. There are a lot of things I have learnt in two years as well but I will be sharing two lessons with you:

Respect Your Spouse

Before I start to talk about why you need to respect your spouse, I must say that social media has made it easy for us get across to each other just by sending instant messages. People who you will ordinarily not have access to are now just one message away.

This privilege has been misused and we now speak to each other without caution. There is no form of respect while passing messages across and we fail to accept that our words sometimes hurt people. We enforce our opinion on people and fail to be open minded. I do not solely blame social media as the catalyst for this kind of behaviour but it is the most popular platform where disrespect is being displayed.

Now, you see all the uncouth behaviour mentioned above, it should never be brought into a relationship let alone marriage. If you do this, it is just setting your relationship up for destruction. Uncouth behaviour from both partners comes with a lot of evil and the cons far outweigh the pros (That is if there are any).

Respect in every ramification is so important and I have learnt that this helps the relationship remain healthy. You can be upset and not use foul languages, you can share your opinion and not enforce it or be domineering. When you respect each other, you care about each other’s feelings and never want to hurt your partner.

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Wedding Anniversary

Communication is Key

Communication is broad but I have learnt that if you are going to understand your partner, you also have to embrace communication. It might sound easy but it take conscious and continuous effort. You must be ready to communicate via every means you know (verbal, body language, silence, emotions e.t.c)

You must also be ready to study your partner’s method of communicating. Every reaction passes a message and you should be smart enough to notice and do something about it. You do not necessarily need to be a mind reader but you will need to practise a lot of emotional intelligence.

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Asides that a lot of issues are sorted through communicating, it helps you to love better, act better and maintain a beautiful relationship.

You MUST not get it right all the time. You will be angry, sad, happy, excited and all that good stuff. You are also allowed to feel emotions and react but always remember why you started a relationship in the first place.

Love is beautiful when it is with the right person and it is even more beautiful when it is reciprocated.

So, it is two years in for me and we are looking forward to Forever.

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