20 Things That Make Me Happy.

Earlier today, I had a discussion with some colleagues about money, salary, and somehow it delved into discussing if money guarantees happiness. Do you want to guess how that went?

Hours later, we start discussing job satisfaction, money and happiness on a whatsapp group I am in. Very interesting contribution going on and like a light bulb it hits me to come on here and share 20 Things That Make Me Happy. I can also say I got the final conviction from Mariam as I remember I read 25 Things That Make Me Happy on her blog days ago.

I have a thing for getting excited at the most little things. Although it never seems so, I like the most simple things and in no particular order, here are 20 Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. Waking up every day: Being gifted the opportunity at life everyday makes me happy. Great or not so great, I love being alive.
  2. Talking to My Mum: Anyone who knows me know how close my mum and I are so it is only natural that I light up when I speak with her. I am happier when she’s happy.
  3. Video Calls: Funny enough, I have only made video calls with people who mean so much to me. If I have ever had a video call with you, then you make me happy.
  4. Getting a cup of green tea with lime/lemon while in bed: It’s such a little / thoughtful gesture and I live for moments like this.
  5. When I finally complete laundry: There is this relieving feeling that comes after you’ve finally completed laundry and chores.

6. Getting compliments on the job at work: It is always a good feeling when your boss or anyone else is happy with the job you have done. You know, it makes you want to be better.

7. Helping someone solve a problem: That feeling of adding value is definitely a good one especially when you crack a nut without so much hassle. I am happy when someone says I am reliable.

8. Getting compliments on an outfit/hair/make up: Who doesn’t like compliments though? Especially if it’s from someone really close or important. Every compliment counts though.

9. Getting useful comments on my blog: I love to read comments on my blog and every notification makes me happy. I really like to read other people’s opinion about a post I wrote.

10. Having the perfect clapback/comeback: This seems naughty but I am really happy when I have the perfect answer to a question. You know those situations where you never know what to say and afterwards you get the perfect answer and start wishing you said something else while you were being spoken to. I don’t like those situations at all.

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11. Dancing: I am not a professional dancer but I know I can throw it down on the dance floor and it makes me happy. Sadly, I do not attend a lot of parties and I pick the places I dance. The last time I danced so hard was at my wedding and my colleagues couldn’t believe it was me dancing. They still tease me about it.

12. Exercise: Although this does not happen as often as I want it to, I am really happy whenever I get the chance to workout. It almost feels like I can see the calories burning.

13. Good Music: Listening to music is one way I relax especially when I am alone. Make me a nice playlist and am in. Although, I feel like I am growing up to quickly as I have been listening to a lot of inspirational/gospel songs. What is happening to me?

14. A Good Picture: No, I am not vain. My selfies are really nice but I have the most awkward pose when I have to take a full picture. Really random but a really good picture of me makes me happy.

15. A Smiling Bank Account: I guess you know what this means already. I am definitely happy when that’s the case.

16. Me Time: I love solitude and I can bask in self-love all day long. I am really happy when I have time to do things for myself without interruptions or distractions. It also helps that I am comfortable spending time all by myself and not get bored. This includes taking the couch potato position and binging on my favourite Tv shows.

17. Good Conversations/Company: One thing I look out for in anyone I meet is how well you can hold down a conversation. I am happy when I meet an intelligent mind that also knows how to be open minded and have fun. I do not go out a lot, so I am happy when I find people I can comfortably hang out with and have interesting conversations.

18. When anyone genuinely needs my opinion on an issue: Oh I love love to share what I think and I feel like I make the best decisions for people. I’m even more happy when anyone actually takes my advice. It’s such a happy feeling when someone runs his/her ideas through me.

19. Everyday that ends without a single bad news: I am always so happy when I go to bed everyday without hearing negative stories about people I care about. The truth is when you lose someone dear to you, you are constantly praying and hoping it never happens again.

20. Whenever something good happens to me or people I care about: I just smile, look up and say ‘hey God, it can only be you behind this. I always love to acknowledge every milestone no matter how little because it means progress.

Truth is 20 isn’t even quarter of the things that make me happy but off my head, these are the very significant ones. Happiness is a choice and it is important to always find the little things that keep you happy.

Can you share your list with Me?

What are the things that make you Happy?

I will love to read from you



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