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Positive Affirmations: How To Make It Work.

Over the years, I have realized just how much I was made to start using Positive Affirmations from a really young age. For example, when I say things like this – Mum, my headache has started again, she will be quick to tell me – ‘It is not ‘your’ headache and remind me that it’s temporal and I will be fine. She would also make me repeat those words after her. She did this every other time I come up with one complain or the other and I even started to correct myself before she tells me to do so.

Thinking about it now, It is no wonder that I try not to personalize temporal illnesses or dwell on situations that are just a passing phase. I have learnt to inculcate positive affirmations in my daily life and it has been very helpful.

Positive Affirmations are basically statements or thoughts that are constantly being repeated to one’s self. The idea is that these affirmations spur you to believe in yourself, think positively and remain confident.

Why You Need To Make Positive Affirmations.

‘You’ in this context means everyone. The pregnant lady, the student who is preparing for an exam, you that woke up in good health, the driver who has a road trip planned, the doctor who has a scheduled operation etc Everyone needs a bit of positive affirmations daily.

Each passing day, we are faced with one challenge or the other. These challenges are not just for adults or gender specific and a simple ‘I can do this‘ or ‘I will pass this exam‘ can go a long way to motivate one’s self.

Positive Affirmations dampens fear, uncertainty, anxiety and self doubt. This is why you need to use affirmations as a daily tool for encouragement. Either by telling yourself or hearing it from people, it helps to build one’s confidence and can surprisingly play out in reality.

I have a friend who is big on positive affirmations and she always shares her pre child birth story. While she was pregnant, she read supernatural childbirth by Jackie Mize and made it a habit to speak positively about her baby and pregnancy journey. She said things like – You will be healthy, you will be strong etc and presently she jokes that her 2 year old son is doing things his mates are not even doing yet because she made too much positive affirmations before he was born. This is a really light hearted example but speaking positively about your situation makes the process bearable.

Your thought process can gradually change when you make constant use of positive affirmations. You are more open minded and prone to believe things can get better. Positive Affirmations can gradually help you overcome negative thoughts and feelings.

How To Make Positive Affirmations Work For You.

  • Stay Away From Debby Downers.

Negative energy from people especially those close to you is a quick way to get you discouraged. You do not need anyone who negates your ideas without proffering tips or solution to make your ideas better. Rather, surround yourself with people who will inspire you to work harder, encourage you positively and present you with useful/timely solution.

  • Remind Yourself That Temporal Situations Have A Solution.

Past experiences should not define you or the goals you hope to achieve. Avoid negative thinking or previous occurrence that can dampen your self esteem. Personalize your affirmations and if you are saying it to someone, get them to repeat the statement after you.

  • Work Towards Finding The Solution You Need.

Faith without work is dead, so it is important to do the work needed to achieve a goal. It is not enough to make positive statements about your day or situation. You must also take actual steps to ensure your are on the right path. Acknowledge your effort while working towards a goal you want to achieve. It helps you to be in sync with any affirmation you have made.

  • Arm Yourself With Statements That Motivate You.

Just as there are different challenges each day, it is important to have different affirmations for each challenge. They can be quotes or bible verses or just positive statements that you can remember easily. They should also be easily accessible and can be written out in a journal or pasted on the wall by your study desk. The idea is to easily see them and calm yourself with these positive statements.

  • Your Affirmations Should Be Specific And Timely.

This means that you need to make positive statements according to what your really need at that point. Visualize the outcome your need and that is exactly what should be in your statement.

  • Verbalize Your Affirmations.

Ever heard people say ‘There is power in the tongue’? Positive Affirmations should be spoken out as often as possible. This way, you subconsciously keep reminding yourself about exact outcome you need.

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