Simple Tips For An Organized And Stress Free Holiday.

Is it possible to have an organized and stress free holiday?

We all love the holiday season because it comes with a lot of fun, laughter, work free days and happiness. However, we also know that holidays come with a lot of stress from buying and sending gifts, meal prep, last minute shopping and cleaning up after.

From experience, I have learnt that planning ahead is very important especially if you have a 7 – 5 job and will be hosting the family during the season. The older visitors might understand if you don’t get things right but the kids know nothing about how stressed you are. They want to open their gifts, treats and get new clothes. You definitely aren’t ready to be the reason a kid is unhappy at Christmas, are you?

No, you’re not. Be the perfect host and still have an organized and stress free holiday just by following these very simple tips I will be sharing.

Organized and stress free holiday

1. Write Out Your list Early.

This sounds cliche but it is very important if you want to stay organized. Think about everything that needs to get done and write it down. Whether it’s well thought out or still trying to figure it out, write it down.

It’s important to have your journal with you all the time as the most random ideas come unexpectedly. Have your kids and spouse know there is a list where they can also add action items when they remember. Write, write and keeping writing.

2. Eliminate / Prune Your List.

This is the next step at having an organized and stress free holiday. Think about the things that were not quite useful last holiday and take them off the list. Something on the menu that guests or family didn’t like, take it off the list.

Aim at reducing the list such that only the very important things are left.

3. Budgeting

From past experiences, it’s been observed that people spend more during the holiday and forget that there are more responsibilities to handle in the coming month.

Have a fair idea of the new purchases you will make during the holiday, set aside an amount for gifts (with the assumption that you are using your pruned list), food items, clothes, travel expenses. Create a budget using your pruned list and of course the amount you have available after saving.

You do not want to start January being broke.

4. Time Management/Scheduling.

It is impossible to have an organized and stress free holiday if you do not manage your time properly.

Intentionally set time aside to carry out the activities on your pruned list. Choose the day for gifts and it can double as the day to get new clothes etc. Set a time for each item and try to stick with it. Plan your holiday activities, family visits, hangout etc. If you skip a plan, reschedule immediately.

Organized and stress free holiday

5. Consider Outsourcing Somethings On The List.

Life happens and gets in the way sometimes. If you realize you will never be able to do most of the things your have written out by yourself, ask family members to step in and help. Simply delegate and ask them to meet you for clarification.

You can outsource decorating inside and outside the house, get delivery to bring some items to you, order already baked items instead of baking from scratch, cleaning up after everyone is gone e.t.c

6. Plan Your Self-care Activity.

By all means get your family to join you but make sure you find time to put your feet up, take in all the magic you have created and relax.

7. Wear A Smile

As a host, your happiness reflects on everyone else in the room and the best way to retain your smile is taking little breaks in between.

Once you start to feel stressed, pause for a bit, goof around, dance, listen to music or just do what your mind and body tells you at that point. Take your self-care activity seriously as it also helps you stay at your best. You simply cannot pour from an empty cup.

Organized and stress free holiday

Share your thoughts.

How do you ensure you have an organized and stress free holiday?

I will love to read from you.

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