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10 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Mood.

Christmas is so close and as much as trees and decors are all over town and city centers, there are people who are yet to get into the Christmas mood.

The other day at work, a colleague told me she loves the dress I wore and also mentioned I looked like I was in the Christmas mood already. For some reason, she said she was not feeling christmas yet and was just going to wing it.

Of course, We had the Pep talk and I encouraged her to get into the mood so that her kids do not feel bored at home as they had just returned from boarding school.

Get into the Christmas mood

I also shared some ideas with her and since I have hopped on some of these tips already, I knew she will find it helpful. If you are yet to catch the Christmas bug, you can try some of these:

Ways To Get Into The Christmas Mood

1. Draw Up A Christmas Shopping List.

Even though this might not be fun (especially if funds are not available), writing your shopping list makes you look forward to the items your are about to purchase.

2. Go Shopping Early.

Everyone gets excited at the thought of shopping. Whether it is clothing items, gifts or household items, start shopping early. This affords you ample time to go through the different sections without other customers making the store crowded.

New items will definitely get you in the mood for Christmas.

3. Reward Yourself For The Year.

This is my personal favorite, but trust that I do not wait until christmas time to splurge a little. You have worked so hard round the year and Christmas is the perfect time to give yourself a gift.

Contrary to popular opinion, it does not have to be a material item. A solo date at the spa, a ticket to your favorite travel destination or a major item you have saved up for. Just make sure it is something significant and you have always wanted.

Get into the Christmas mood

4. Decorate Your Workspace And Home.

Light up your workspace and home with beautiful decor and scented candles. It is definitely a great conversation starter when friends or colleagues stop by.

Just maybe when you talk about your decor ideas and Christmas plans, you will gradually get into the Christmas mood.

5. Create A Christmas Audio Playlist.

I love to listen to the radio while I dress for work in the morning and I like that they play Christmas songs in between especially as Christmas is really close now. This made me make a mental note to buy a CD with a collection of Christmas Songs or download them online.

It is just so beautiful singing along to Christmas themed songs and it is a sure way to get into the Christmas mood. My favorite Christmas song have always been Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe. Love it.

6. Look At Pictures From Previous Christmas Holidays.

Looking at pictures from past Christmas activities can help you get excited about planning for Christmas. Pictures help you relive the memories and if they are lovely ones, you are sure to get into the Christmas mood in no time.

7. Attend Events /Shows.

If you do well in crowd and can stand the loud noise from blaring speakers, attending music festivals and shows is a great way to get into the Christmas mood.

Lots of musicians, comedians and other entertainers plan Christmas themed shows and you can attend with family just to get a feel of the season.

Get into the Christmas mood

8. Watch Christmas Movies.

I love movies and there are so many Christmas themed movies to help one get into the Christmas mood. Chilling at home or heading to the movies, make sure you pick something that reminds you of how beautiful Christmas is.

Most Christmas movies are children friendly so you can watch with family. Here is a list of movies you can look out for: Serendipity (love this one), A Christmas Story, The Holiday, Bad Santa, Love Actually, The Polar Express, Home Alone, Four Christmases e.t.c

My Best and most significant Christmas movie is Best Man Holiday. Here’s the trailer :

9. Attend a Christmas Themed Event.

During the festive season, offices, churches, estates and communities organize end of year events that are normally Christmas themed.

Try to participate and attend some of the them. It is a good opportunity to unwind, network and get into the Christmas mood.

10. Send out Christmas Greetings.

Choose a platform that is most suitable and send Christmas greetings to friends, family, school mates and old neighbors.

Social media is widely accepted and it a great choice if you are looking to connect with friends you have not seen in a long time.

I guess it is also safe to say that having extra cash to spend at Christmas makes it easy to get in the Christmas mood.

Other things you can do especially if you have extra is volunteer/share with those who do not have. There are also people who are lonely during the festive season and you can extend kindness their way too.

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Finally, remember that for one reason or the other, not everyone has the privilege to be happy during this period. If you are one, please know that there are people who love you, remember that once there is life, you can get to live for those you have lost, count your blessings, stay around family and be open to love and life.

Get into the Christmas mood

Share your thoughts.

How do you prepare for Christmas?

What is your favorite Christmas song or movie?

Are you having fun already?

What are your plans for Christmas?

I will love to read from you


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