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Reflections: Life Lessons From 2018.

For some reason, I fought against writing the almost obligatory end of year / reflections blog post all day.

However, it is now exactly thirty five minutes to the new year in Nigeria and I finally decided to put my thoughts here after I read my end of year notes for last year and Life Lessons from 2017.

I may have all the genuine thoughts and feeling of gratitude in my head/heart, but it is not the same feeling if I do not write it out, so why not?

I counted my blessings in 2018 and realized just how much one year can make a difference, how much one can grow in a year and how patience is really a virtue. With the lessons I had learnt from 2017, I hoped that this year will be easier to handle and it was.

Without mincing words, I will just put it here that God answered the first request on my prayer list.

2017 hit me hard with the loss of my dad and I was at my weakest. I cried and prayed that I never witness the loss of another family member – I had no loss in 2018. For this, I am eternally grateful. I basically learnt to exercise my faith more.

2018 started off without concrete plans. I mean, I had a list of things that had to be achieved but I had no idea how things will pan out. This is me saying 2018 was Awesome. God showed up for me, mine, my family and loved ones. Important things were taken care of, no debts, tears or worry. I learnt to take up challenges even when everything looked bleak.

In 2018, I had a better understanding of what patience really entails. Patience works so well when you are at peace and peace is something that really helped me through the year.

Just like last year, I continued to be intentional about everything and it changed my outlook on life, my interaction with people and how I react to situations.

Self-care was more evident in my lifestyle this year. I did things for me, for my sanity, for my happiness, for my personal growth and it paid off. It helped with my mental health, I was able to help other people and be more aware.

My mantra is still ‘meaningful living’ and in 2018, it helped me remain mindful, make informed decisions and live meaningfully. This affected most areas of my life positively.

Oh! I laughed more than I cried this year and this means everything to me. The basic things needed for livelihood are still at my disposal and ‘adulting’ is not taking a toll on me.

With the way things panned out this year, I can boldly say I am ready to take on 2019.

2018 was not easy because of my strength alone, I have God, My husband, loved ones and family to thank for being supportive all year round. Gratitude remains a part of me as a heart of gratitude never lack.

You may have had moments to reflect as well, regardless of the outcome, 2019 is really close now. Keep pushing, keep believing and keep working hard. Greater things awaits us.

Happy 2019!!!!

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