6 Fun Beach Activities |Exploring Landmark Beach, Lagos Nigeria.

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (Lagos , Nigeria Chapter) kicked off the New year on a fun and interesting note as her Lagos volunteers spent the past Saturday bonding over great conversations, food and games at the Landmark Beach located at 2/3 Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island Lagos.

You did not know there was a beach there right?

The Landmark Beach now sits along side other attractions at the popular Landmark village which also houses an event centre that boasts of hosting top events through the year including the annual Social Media Week Lagos, which launched in 2013 and has since been tagged Africa’s Largest Tech and Media Event.

Fun Activities At The Beach

Amongst other attractions at the Landmark Village are the Landmark Hotel, Shiro and HardRock Cafe. If you are a media enthusiast and have attended the Social Media Week or have ever been a guest at the Landmark Village, then you most likely know these places have their private beach front view.

However, what you probably did not know is, there is a new beach now open to the general public?

The landmark beach launched on the 16th of December 2018, just in time for families and beach lovers to have another beautiful spot to hangout.

Thanks to MANI, it was my first time visiting the Landmark Beach since it launched and at the sight of the clear and clean water, I was happy I made up my mind to attend the beach hangout. I used a car service and paid under NGN 6000 for both trips combined.

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Fun Activities At The Beach

The hangout was scheduled to start at 1200hrs but I did not get to the venue until about 1500hrs. I missed some of the games but I was glad to see the turnout was encouraging, smiling volunteers and a clean beach yet to be soiled with dirt.

Have I mentioned how clean and clear the water is? You should visit if you are in Lagos, Nigeria.

The beach also provides beach shelters ranging from NGN 5000 (the umbrella has a beach lounger / wooden chairs and table) to NGN 60,000 (has a beach sofa and side table).

It was free entry as at our visit and if you are feeling adventurous, you could opt in for a jet ski ride at NGN 5000 for ten minutes. Note that the jet ski ride is not organized by Landmark Beach.

We all introduced ourselves, took pictures, played games, ate, played more games and as the sun began to set, trust me to skid off to the shores for a perfect picture.

It was a lovely hangout, well organized and a reminder that team work always make the dream work. We hope to have a productive time volunteering in 2019.

Fun Activities At The Beach
This beach Shelter goes for NGN 60,000

Beach Essentials.

To have a great time at the beach, you must be ready to let your hair down, kick off your flip flops and have a good time in the right outfit.

Your beach essentials should include a hat (especially if you wear your hair long) or face cap, sunglasses because of the sun, sunscreen, a towel and change of clothes if you plan to get into the water. You definitely need friends and family with great vibes and a means to document your memories.

Fun Activities At The Beach
Beach Essentials

Fun Beach Activities.

1. Plan a Picnic.

If you have a birthday or hangout coming up and you need to spend on a budget, the beach is a beautiful place to hold your small gatherings.

It is outdoor and you do not have to manage space, it is a less dressy location and you can combine simple outfits and still look stunning.

Plan a picnic at the beach, plan your meals from home, a great playlist, fun people and create memories to last a life time.

2. Go On A Jet Ski /Boat Ride /Kayak.

Some beaches make arrangement for jet ski / speed boat rides. If you are feeling adventurous and do not want to remain by the shores, you can totally do this at the beach.

At the Landmark Beach, we met a guy offering jet ski rides to beach lovers at NGN 5,000 for 10 minutes. You also have to go on the ride accompanied.

If you ever visit La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort Off Lekki Epe Expressway, they offer kayaking activities for NGN 500 and you can get in the kayak alone (Update: Prices could go up during festive season). There are also quad bikes available.

Bics Garden Boat club is an option for organized speed boat rides. Click the link to access their contact.

Fun Activities At The Beach
View from Bics Garden And Boat Club

3. Play Games With Your Crew.

So you finally made it to the beach and wondering what other things to do, here are more fun activities you can participate in with your crew.

Board games like monopoly, chess or scrabble is always a good idea and you can never go wrong with cards. When I got to Landmark Beach, the team were playing the ‘How Nigerian Are You’ cards and it was a whole vibe.

Take a ball or jump rope to the beach and just humour yourself. You can also play the truth or dare game.

The landmark beach has a volleyball net and I met some beach lovers having a fun time.

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4. Walk Along The Shores Barefooted.

This is my favorite part of visiting a beach. I just love that I can walk barefooted on sand without a care in the world.

I also love the feeling when I dip my feet in water. The beach is truly rejuvenating, a beautiful spot for relaxing and I just love that for the period you are there, you truly do not worry about anything.

If you are feeling sporty, you can also jog and throw in a simple workout routine for you and your friends.

Walk, play, jog, allow the rolling waves meet you along the shores, just make sure you have a firm grip. I like to dig my feet into the sand just as the rolling waves get closer.

Fun Activities At The Beach
Taking pictures of the scenery

5. Watch The Sunset And Take Pictures.

If you love to watch the sunset, the beach is a perfect spot. If you love to take pictures too, the view is a Photographer’s delight.

I take pictures of the sunset every time I visit the beach and it is always a pleasant sight.

Well, it also reminds me that it is almost time to head home and watching the sunset is a perfect way to end a beautiful day at the beach.

The sunset is my time piece whenever I am at the beach, I never bother to check a wrist watch.

Apart from the sunset, other subject of photography include: line up of the beach shelters/umbrella, the rolling waves, other beach lovers and the coastline.

The beach also make a perfect back drop to have your pictures taken so click, click, click. I trust creatives to get inspired when at the beach.

Fun Activities At The Beach
Watching the sunset

6. Pick Seashells.

How do you visit the beach and not pick seashells?

If you have never tried this, you should. You do not have to keep the seashells but this activity is good for your sensory system (mainly vision), locomotor skills and all round ability to focus.

You can also turn this into a game amongst friends and put a prize for the person who find the highest number of seashells. You can also take cute pictures of them or save them for beach flatlay props.

Just make sure you are not picking any living thing or dangerous object.

Fun Activities At The Beach
Collecting seashells

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What fun beach activities do you indulge in?

Do you enjoy visiting the beach?

I will love to read from you.


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