6 Thoughtful Ways To Appreciate People.

Do you know that when you appreciate people, you give them one of life’s most precious yearning?

In life, I keep learning that it is important to appreciate people even if it is for the most minute things. It makes the person feel valued and you derive joy because you would have contributed meaningfully to someone’s life.

I had an amazing experience that led up to having this thought recently and eventually wanting to write about it.

Some days ago, I saw an inscription tote bag on my Instagram feed, got inspired by the inscription, created a post about it and tagged the account as my source for inspiration.

I also mentioned that since I could not get the bag because of distance, I will settle with using the inscribed words as my affirmation for the day.

Appreciate People

Some minutes later, I got a message from the brand page saying the tote bag will get delivered to me and I should send my address.

My initial reaction was that of excitement and then I thought to myself – ‘how is that possible, we are two continents apart’. How do I allow a business owner bear the cost of sending a tote bag for free?

I replied the message saying I appreciate the gesture and that it is ok if they do not send the bag seeing that cost will be accrued, but I got a response that shocked me.

The person behind the brand said: ‘One thing I have learnt is, learning to receive’.

Basically, I understood the message as – if you are being appreciated, do not refuse it or stop someone from appreciating you. Reading the response made me think deeply, there are people in this world who take appreciating others to another level.

The brand owner did not have to send me anything to show appreciation, they already acknowledged my Instagram mention by reposting on their page which is enough by ‘Instagram standard’.

This was not also a case of wanting me to influence their product, they only just wanted to show appreciation. Lesson learnt here guys, distance should never pose as a barrier when it comes to showing appreciation.

Appreciate People

Being appreciated is such a mood lifter and is a yardstick to ascertain the kind of people who should be around you. The beautiful thing about appreciating people is, it promotes meaningful relationships built on sincere support.

If someone does something nice for, learn to appreciate them. You do not have to do the same thing they have done for you as there are many other way to appreciate people. The essence of this post is to highlight the different ways to appreciate people.

Ways To Appreciate People.

1. Appreciate People Verbally.

This is probably the most easiest way to appreciate people. Pay compliments, say thank you for every favor, acknowledge their presence or skill by talking about it. Point out the things they do well and talk about how you admire the qualities.

2. Appreciate People By Sending A Gift.

For some people, it is the thought that count and not how expensive an item is. Appreciate people by sending them gifts, if you will like to put in effort, then find out what they really need in their home or office and purchase the item.

They will will be awed that you even paid attention. Depending on what kind of relationship you have going on, you could gift them something you own as keep sake.

Appreciate People

3. Appreciate People In Public.

Public appreciation goes further to say you are proud of this person and not afraid to show it. Choose a particular thing or more and share publicly.

Talk about how much they have impacted your life at work, in school, socially e.t.c When you acknowledge a persons effort in public, they feel very valued and appreciated.

4. Appreciate People By Offering A Service.

A gift of service is an amazing way to show appreciation especially if you are able to figure out what the person really needs to get done.

Offer to cook them a meal, bake a cake, it could be helping them with laundry, doing school runs, buying groceries, babysitting or mowing the lawn. Whatever service you choose to do, be thoughtful about it and do it without expecting anything in return.

5. Appreciate People By Showing Emotion.

Display of emotions definitely melts any heart and goes further to show how deeply invested you are in a person’s wellbeing.

A kiss, a long hug, holding hands, rejoicing with a person, showing excitement and even crying with a person while talking depicts appreciation.

Do not be afraid to show emotions while appreciating the person you care about.

6. Appreciate People By Nurturing The Relationship.

It is not enough to just say Thank you when someone has continuously shown that you are valued as a person. Learn to take it further by being available too, nurture the relationship, and put in equal amount of effort to make sure the friendship is not one sided.

As an individual, learn to reciprocate favors. Life is better when we can all help and appreciate each other willingly.

Appreciate people

Share your thoughts.

How do you appreciate people’s effort?

Do people appreciate you often?

Do you ever feel like you are not being appreciated as much as you deserve?

I will like to read from you.


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