Co-working Space: Review of Work Station, Nigeria.

Ever needed to use a co-working space on a weekend and couldn’t find one? Here’s introducing Work Station Nigeria.

I recently had one of those weekends where it was all work and little play. Working from home was not doing me any good, so I decided to search online for a work station close to my location. This was a Sunday.

The first work station said it was open 24hrs / 7 days, their contact number was unreachable, but I still booked an Uber and headed to the location. Sadly, the gate keeper mentioned the office does not open on Saturday and Sunday.

A second contact I found online said they do not work on Sundays. At this point, I was really pressed for time and considered using a cafe.

I thought to myself, Burg co on Isaac John Ikeja has the perfect Oreos milkshake and burger, but on getting there, the space had been renovated and they did not have enough power sockets.

Luckily, I remembered Work Station Nigeria has a spot at the Maryland Mall and I prayed to God that they will be open on a Sunday. It was also a bit far from my location, but I really needed to work.

Glad I decided to book another Uber ride to the Mall because it was worth the trip. Here’s my genuine thought about Work Station Nigeria (Maryland Mall).

Work Station Nigeria

Work Station Nigeria is a shared working space in Lagos Nigeria that provides small business owners, freelancers, individuals, creatives and start ups the opportunity to utilize flexible work spaces at their convenience.

With its head office space located in the heart of Victoria island and a branch space at the Maryland mall, Work Station Nigeria has become a favorite amongst young entrepreneurs, creatives and tech gurus.

The Maryland space is situated at 350/360 Maryland Mall Ikorodu Road Lagos while the Victoria Island space sits at No 7 Ibiyinka Olorunbe Close, Victoria Island Lagos.

Work Station Nigeria offers a 24hrs / 7days controlled service and full security, co working spaces, private offices, conference rooms, uninterrupted power supply, fast internet access, digital member network and discounted rates for partners.

My Experience At Work Station Nigeria.

I walked into Maryland mall half expectant and I made a mental note to see a movie if it turned out that Work Station Nigeria was not open for business.

Honestly, I had exhausted every will power in me to find more co-working spaces and was just going to resort to watching a movie.

Took the elevator to the 2nd floor and walked the flight of stairs that lead to the 3rd floor where Workstation Nigeria is situated. Luckily, the door opened immediately I knocked and I was greeted by a well-mannered attendant.

She asked if I was looking to see someone and if it was my first time at the work station. I let her know I was not looking for anyone, it was my first time and I needed a space to work for like three hours.

She helped me register to join the community, explained the services available and took me on a quick tour of the facility. Once we got back to the reception, she asked what package I intend to pay for and provided me with a password to the internet service.

I settled for the flex package at NGN 5000 per day. She also let me know I could choose to pay NGN 1,500 per hour if I was sure how long I planned to stay.


With it’s minimalist decor style, white walls, bright lights and a pop of yellow walls here and there, Work Station Nigeria (Maryland mall) gives off a youthful, vibrant and positive vibe.

It is definitely a space that will resonate with young minds who want to be productive and still have fun.

The see through glass walls allows you peep into each office space and I like that it transparent and encourages one to focus.


The beauty of a co-working space is being able to work in an environment that is not yours, yet still feel very comfortable and have access to the very basic things.

Work Station Nigeria obviously put a lot into consideration while planning the space at the Maryland mall. I hear it is nothing compared to the Victoria Island space, but I was very comfortable with the details.

Depending on the plan you choose, the spaces have the required privacy needed to focus on your work, all non – virtual plan has access to the printer, photocopying machine, internet, kitchen area, the nap room, and most importantly there is a rest room that caters to anyone using a wheel chair.

This was my best discovery at Work Station Nigeria.

After a long working period and you feel the need to stretch a bit or relax, Work Station gives you an awesome view from the balcony on the 3rd floor, there is a bar area and also a sitting area with a television.


Pricing at Work Station Nigeria (Maryland Mall) is very affordable. There are different rates to cater to specific needs.

As at my visit, these were the categories and accompanying rates available:

1. Flex @ NGN 5000 per day:

This offers a daily drop in rate and is perfect for short stay users. This was the plan I chose.

2. Nomad @ NGN 10, 000 per month {Quarterly}:

This is a 24/7 virtual access plan that provides users an official business address.

3. Weekender @ NGN 20, 000 per month:

This covers a Saturday and Sunday plan and it is perfect if you need to book the weekends in a month.

4. Work X @ NGN 35, 000 per month:

This plan guarantees a work space for you on any 3 days of your choice between Monday to Friday.

5. Hot Desk @ NGN 50, 000 per month:

This plan covers a daily monthly access and considering it comes with very fast internet an other amenities, this is very affordable.

6. Fixed Desk @ NGN 60, 000 per month [Quarterly}:

This plan offers daily access, a dedicated space that includes P.O Box services, business address and a locker to store your personal effects.

7. Moonlighter @ NGN 20, 000 per month {3x or 5x option}:

This plan offers Monday to Friday access from 6pm until you choose to leave. If you have a 9 to 5 and still want to hustle all night, this is the plan for you.

8. Private Office @ N125, 000 per desk/month {Yearly}:

This plan offers daily access for a team in a well equipped office space.

I think that these prices are great, very flexible and can be further customized to suit your needs.

For further enquiries, contact +234 818 826 9765 or +234 816 202 8642

Website: Work Station Nigeria


I spent a little over three hours at the work station and there was no bad experience. I strongly recommend that you visit Work Station Nigeria and here are my top 6 reasons for recommending them:

1. They have very pleasant and attentive staff.

2. Their prices are affordable and flexible.

3. They are an an actual 24/7 service provider. They are open on weekends, and even overnight.

4. The Internet is Fast and reliable.

5. It is thoughtful that they considered people living with disability. This got me good.

6. Uninterrupted power supply.

Since it is located at the Maryland mall, you can buy whatever meal or snack you want and take it into the work space. I also love the idea of dashing out for a movie and coming back to work.

So, if you live around Ikeja and environs, Work Station Nigeria is definitely a great option.

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