Reflections: Lessons from 2019.

It’s better late than never right? Happy New Year People!!!

There is no way I will start off 2020 on here without acknowledging 2019 and all the emotions and mixed feelings that came with it. Amidst all that, it definitely ended in gratitude.

We are already neck deep into February 2020, but as I think back and count my blessings, here are lessons that helped me pull through 2019. These lessons from 2019 will definitely come handy in the new year as well:

1. Give room for mistakes – Being to safe or trying to avoid mistakes can prevent you from moving a step further. Give room to make mistakes, learn from the mistakes and do better.

2. You are not alone – The world is such a busy place and it is easy for friends and family to miss your low and high moment. Always remember you are not alone and whenever you get that moody feeling, reach out to loved ones.

Lessons from  2019 Phaytea’s   pulse

3. You can actually do more – Never underestimate yourself. You are capable of so much more than you are already doing. Give yourself the chance to do MORE.

4. Know your body – The importance of knowing your body can never be over-emphasized. Learn to listen to your body, give it time to rest and rejuvenate, look out for new changes and visit the doctor to explain what you do not understand.

5. Know your boundaries – As much as it is advisable to leave your comfort zone and try new things, remember to acknowledge your boundaries. Set limits and be guided when you decide to indulge.

6. Delay is not denial – Patience is a virtue and everyone needs to master how to be patient. Anything that is meant for you will get to you at the right time. Delay does not mean denial.

Lessons from 2019

7. Accept changes – In life, you must learn to manage your expectations. Be open to changes and accept them especially if they are positive ones. It is not unusual to resist change at first, but remember change is constant and instrumental for growth.

8. Intuition guys Intuition!! – I have lost count of how many times my intuition came through for me. Be aware and pay attention to your mind and occurrences.

9. Be open minded – No one gains anything from being closed minded. Rather, you may lose out on the things life and changes have to offer. Be open to learning new things, unlearning and relearning. Have a mindset reset and embrace the possibility of a new thought process, new friends, new opportunities and a better life.

While me make plans for the new year, here’s hoping that we are able to make the right decision for our Personal Development and Mental Health.

Lots of Love and Best Wishes for 2020.

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