Moonlight Cinema, Brisbane – Experiencing an Outdoor Movie Theatre in Brisbane.

Indoor cinemas are one of my favourite ways to pass time. However, experiencing an outdoor movie theatre in Brisbane was different and serene. The event was organized by Moonlight Cinema, Brisbane.

Picture this – watching your favourite movie or any movie at all while seated on a comfortable bean bag, under the moon and/or stars, next to your favourite person and ofcourse nibbling your favourite snacks.

Beautiful right? It is one you should experience, especially when it is nicely organized. Since moving to Australia, I have longed for a visit to the cinema but it had just not happened.

Moonlight Cinema Brisbane, Outdoor Movie Theatre

However, while taking an evening walk around Roma street parkland in the CBD, I spotted people seated comfortably in front of a very large screen and in place that looked like a mini stadium ( I later found out it is called the Amphitheatre)

The flex banner said Moonlight Cinema, so I googled and here’s a bit of what I found out:

Moonlight Cinema, Brisbane

According to their Instagram account, Moonlight Cinema is Australia’s first and favourite outdoor cinema.

They are located in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney (Centennial Park) and ofcourse Brisbane.

The Brisbane location is at The Amphitheatre, Roma Street Parkland, Brisbane.

Moonlight cinema Brisbane, Outdoor movie theatre

Moonlight Cinema Fee / Ticket.

Tickets can be easily purchased via moonlight cinema and choice venue can be selected too.

The website is user friendly and the frequently asked questions actually clarifies most questions you will have.

Good things do not come cheap and so does the moonlight cinema. However, there are plans to suit everyone:

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The Gold grass ticket ($33) gives you a bean bag for comfort and it is located in an exclusive area. This service includes a waiter to tend to your needs and is available at all moonlight cinema venue.

The Connoisseur Lounge ticket ($31) gives you a bean bag and you get served ice cream from Connoisseur gourmet.

The Moonlight Cinebuzz offer and Moonlight General admission at $14 and $15 respectively are the regular tickets.

For this ticket, you do not get a bean bag, but you are allowed to pack a picnic bag, soft cushions and whatever you need for comfort. You are also not allowed to bring in alcohol.

Moonlight cinema Brisbane, Outdoor movie theatre

Which Movie we watched.

To round up the year, we chose to watch the New year’s special – When Harry Met Sally.

It is about college graduates who met ten years later and tried to navigate a platonic relationship since they each had their respective partner. Want to know how that panned out? Definitely look out for this classic movie.


The choice location is the beautiful Roma Street Parkland which already provides greenery and nature.

From settling in for the movie while the sun sets and transitions into a darker sky, to when the movie eventually starts, it is really a serene atmosphere.

Depending on what ticket you purchased, the waiters serve coffee, choice meal or ice cream and assist the viewers settle in.

In my opinion, nothing beats the content of your personal goody bag though. I totally recommend you pack your favourite movie snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Moonlight Cinema Brisbane, Outdoor Movie Theatre

My Experience / Verdict.

The movie was scheduled to start by 7:15pm, but we arrived an hour earlier.

Once we arrived at the entrance, we scanned the barcode for headcount/registration, got offered coffee and found a comfortable spot.

More people continued to arrive and settle in gradually.

At 7:15pm, the bright flood light was turned off, the stair light came on and so did the large screen.

The movie went on nicely, there was no distraction and I noticed security personnel patrolling the location.

For convenience, there is a bar, food stand and toilets available for use.

For a first experience, I will give it an 8 over 10. However, I had to wonder what plans were available if it started to rain.

It had rained earlier in the day, but thankfully the weather was a lot better while the movie was showing.

Here’s the heads up you need:

Unless you pay for the tickets that provides a bean bag, it gets uncomfortable after sitting on the grass for a while.

Here are some things you can bring along:

  • An insect repellent
  • A soft pillow to sit on
  • A blanket incase it gets cold
  • An umbrella (depending on the weather).
  • A picnic bag ( No alcohol allowed at the Brisbane centre).

Finally, If you are in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, do checkout moonlight cinema for an amazing outdoor movie theatre experience. I totally recommend.

Share you thoughts in the comment section below.

Have you experienced and outdoor movie theatre?

Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor cinema?

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