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My Name is Faith, The founder of ‘Phaytea’s Pulse’ and I creatively write about ‘everything my heart beats for’ from Lagos, Nigeria.

Ambivert, Married and stuck between choosing to have a Cupcake or Green Tea/Lemon every morning. I am such a sweet tooth and the fit fam life is a goal I hope to achieve gradually.*fingers crossed*

Intellectual prowess revolves around Arts, Administration, Communication/PR and Media.

My love to write probably started from creating a mini library as a kid (I literally write out your name before I allow you borrow my story book) to writing short stories on paper then binding it with a stapler. In high school, I went ahead to become News Editor for the School’s Press Club and read the news to everyone during the general assembly on Tuesdays (That was such a big deal for me). I also have a bit of experience in TV and Radio, so yea… if it’s Art, Creative and Media related, I am in.

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Phaytea’s Pulse is a Brand and a Self-help /Lifestyle Blog.

As a Self-help and Lifestyle blog, It holds a collection of thoughts, lessons, life nuggets and of course rants revolving around our everyday life (If you are anything like me, then you have moments where prim and proper cannot suffice) .

However, the plan is to consciously ‘be civil’ in a ‘not so civil’ world.

Phaytea’s pulse started out as a blog in 2012 and the aim has been to creatively share thoughts and experiences (Life as I know and Live it) while hoping that it impacts readers positively and influence them to live meaningfully through mindful choices.

On Phaytea’s Pulse, you will find content about Meaningful Living, Lifestyle, Blogging Tips and Inspiration for Faith, Career, Bucket list and New words. There is also a section called Phayview where I basically review everything (brands, products, movies, links) that is worth mentioning.

New Posts are published every:

Monday – Meaningful Living

Wednesday – Lifestyle

Friday – Blogging

Sunday – Inspiration for Career, Faith, Phayview – (Review of Movies, Products, Places) and General Musings

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