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    Getting your fingers burnt

    Are you concerned about doing things right , or doing things the right way? You are smart and always reliable… You get too confident and shift a bit from the norm… Not expecting a glitch, you carry on without remorse… Days later, you get your fingers burnt because you ignored the pattern and did nothing about it. Are you concerned about doing things right , or doing things the right way? Today’s post is my first attempt at the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt – Pattern  Love, Peace and Cupcakes Phaytea😚😚😚

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    Random Musing

    This is bad…I havent been here all year and april is almost over. *sigh…….anyways happy new year guys and shout out to those who have already broken their resolutions for 2014. Not judging o, just saying i totally understand…afterall we are human. So a lot has happened….good, bad, ugly, shocking, devastating, we’ve lost some, gained some, still expectant,  waiting for that breakthrough etc….but in all, we still stand strong.  If we are able to see a new day in good health, then thats enough reason to stay hopeful. Just remember to say a prayer for Nigeria (i know, I know…we’ve been praying for God knows how long) but then if…

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    #TeamNigeria brings it home….YaaaY!!!!

    I mean…..its a sunday and Nigerians obviously prayed in church that we win the final match against Burkina Faso today….the preacher talked about it….people even wore their jersey to church!!!!!!!! Our prayers were answered yo! @ the 7pm hour dp’s and pm’s started changing all directed towards Nigeria, the match and green white green colours… Long Story jor…….. Mba scored the only goal that made us win the trophy…..yaaaayyy… Too excited yo!!!!! Last time we won this was in 1994….. Lemmi join the fam. to celebrate…. Doing the azonto + alingo + kokoma …….catch y’all layraaaaah…..mmmmmmwaaaaaahhhh!!!

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    You breathe the air…We ROCK it!!!!!

    Hello Sweeties, How’s your sunday evening going? I’m stuck in a silly traffic @ d mo’, so I thought to head on here… *Inserts wande coal’s Been long you saw me* I know right…not been in this zone for a while…anyway, I have HOT gist oh 😉 Oya, come close…see them…tatafo… :p Alright no more joke…here goes…. There’s something New, Fresh and Fun…. 🙂 If you haven’t heard? Its CONCERT RADIO your 24/7 Live Internet Radio Station bringing you Information, Entertainment, Interviews and Lovely Nigerian Tunes on the go…… Be part of the fun….Head on to www.concertplustv.com to listen… Join the conversation, call: +2348162828575 +2348179998872 Add us on Facebook: concertradio…

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    NIGERIA @ 52

      *Yawns* I woke up this morning and with my eyes still half shut, I managed to find my phone by my bed ( its so typical of me to look for my phone once I wake up from sleep). *sigh* Five blackberry messages and I was excited until I saw three of them were independence day broadcasts (why people do this is beyond me). I even got a broadcast message from a contact telling people not to send independence day broadcasts to her… how ironic right… *moving on* *rubs eye* With the green and white dp’s,updates,bc’s and tweets about today, I am now very aware our Dear Country is…

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    Candid Camera

    Awww…this little girl looks so helpless and someone went on to take her picture in this situation. Talking about being caught sleeping on camera….. I cannot understand why I was so sleepy in church today. It’s not like I had a busy saturday or something. Sister had to be biting lips, pressing phone and drawing objects on paper so she doesn’t sleep and then get caught on camera.(I would have personally haunted that video guy in church). It would not have been funny oh! My shakara wee just end like that. 🙂 In other news, I saw this really cute bible in pink colour with my friend I want one…

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    3 Years old child kills himself by mistake

    🙁 I was just going to click start and then click shutdown when this story was shared through the office mail. I had goose bumps all over as I could not even imagine my reaction if I were to be the one affected. Find story below: With children, precaution is the watchword. A tragic and horrific scene took place in Jubail, as a child killed himself by mistake while he was in his father’s car. The father, who forgot to switch off the vehicle, headed for the grocery store for a few minutes and left the child inside. When he returned, he was shocked to see his 3 years old…

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    Random + its August

    Too many times I have found myself humming durella’s club rock. It is one of the songs that stuck from the first day I heard it. Didn’t even need to grow on me. Love eet! Love eet!! Its a new month (trust faithful happy new month broadcasters to remind you if you forget) and a lot of people go about listing what they have achieved and yet to achieve and it almost reminds me of the new year when people make resolutions and break them half into january. I believe if you come @ every new chance you get too hard, you’ll end up messing it up again and wondering…

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    Olympics 2012!!!!

    I’m talking sports…I don’t know how and why but I am among the many Nigerians that stayed up to watch the grand opening ceremony of the olympics for close to three hours if not more. Funny as it sounds, I’m glad I did. I’m even more glad NEPA…sorry PHCN didn’t hold power as they are known for. 🙂 The whole concept was totally amazing. Awesome stuff and it felt like reality even watching on TV. Got me thinking how Nigeria has got a long way to go. Errm maybe we can start to intercede, fast and pray so our kids can do half of what we all saw. From twitter,…

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    Now Your Suffering Continues (NYSC)

    Woohoo!!!!! *dancing etighi* Today marks the end of my service year and contrary to what my topic choice suggests, the past eleven months of serving my country was totally fun- filled. Okay! There were times I really flipped like clearance days ( Gosh! That has to be the worst part of NYSC) but then again when your alert from the bank comes, you just forget the whole stress you went through. THE UGLY So I’m trying to think about what else sucked during the scheme: For me, I guess it was just the disorganised attitude of corp members when we had to queue for things like money, attendance, and the…