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    Movie Review: Justice League

    Justice League is clearly not in my genre of choice but everytime I randomly decide to go see a movie, I end up seeing one of these super hero movies. The last time this happened, I ended up watching Wonder Woman which was worth it by the way.

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    Life Nuggets from 'Wonder Woman'.

    One of the days I really didn’t feel like staying home, I grabbed my purse and headed to the cinemas. Just like that….I’m too spontaneous sometimes I fear I might get into trouble. A couple of movies were showing but I settled to watch ‘Wonder Woman’. It came with complimentary popcorn….so why not. I got my favourite spot by the aisle and settled in to watch this movie that isn’t really my favourite genre…. Have you watched Wonder Woman? I’ll have to write a post about ‘do nots’ in a cinema. Seating close to the aisle exposes you to all sort but today, allow me share lessons that I learnt…

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    Pulse for May 2017

    Hi Lovelies, It’s a new month already? Is it me or is this year going by really fast? The first of May is Workers day in Nigeria so that means a day off work. I totally love public holidays and I got to spend my day at the movies watching Smurfs. (yea yea..i had my little bride come to the house for a sleep over so we had to pick a ‘kid friendly’ movie). I am also really excited about May because it’s my birth month too. Not yet sure about what plans I’ll have. My birthday falls on a Monday and to really have a good time I should…