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    8 Helpful Ways to Uplift Your Mood During Sad Times

    Wouldn’t you just love to wake up each morning, smile, say ‘all is well with the world’ and kick start your day smoothly? If your answer is yes and your mornings are just fine, then you probably do one of the things I mentioned in ‘8 Ways to literally have a Good Morning’. However, this post goes further than just finding ways to ensure you have a good morning. It involves discussing ways we can uplift our mood during tough times. For example, when you wake up each morning and remember the loss of a parent, family friend and how our loved one will never be able to call us…

  • Musings

    When Tomorrow Comes

    When tomorrow comes And my alarm goes off But I’m scared to wake up Scared of the truth that awaits me each day The truth that he’s not a door away The truth that he’s not a call away The truth that he’s not a flight away  Or even a road trip away Maybe if I sleep a little longer There might be a miracle It’s probably a dream that feels real Maybe if I ignore my alarm All this might go away They say truth hurts  But they didn’t say it hurts this much My truth hurts And accepting it is my biggest task

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    Dear August

    You hit me the hardest in all my years on earth. It’s the last day in August I don’t feel lighter or better. The way I feel about you now and will feel about you in years to come is not any fault of yours neither is it mine, but you now hold a date i always have to remember. Usually, I would get excited about saving dates on my calender but this one brings tears to my eyes. Painful tears because even if I decide not to save the date, it will forever be etched in my mind, soul, heart, body….every part of me. Dear August, you started out…

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    Long September

    I have not been here in a while and it is almost intentional. You know how everyday you wake up expectant and by the time you turn off your light for a good night, that one thing you are really hoping and praying for is still pending. It is really depressing because it is times like this that gets me really sad and I just want to stay in bed. I stay grateful to God for true friends and family who go out of their way to make sure you are happy. So whenever I get the “your name is faith, have a little faith” line, I smile, dust my…